Stop Putin's War in Ukraine !!!! Meeting!

03 жовтня 2016, 10:29
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Stop Putin s War in Ukraine !!!! Meeting!

The estimated number of people killed in eastern Ukraine since 2014 has exceeded 9 thousand people.

This is a small amount for invaders,  who want  to destroy distinctive Ukrainian community. And it is so  much for the families who lost their friends and relatives. In recent days - each day are killed and injured citizens of Ukraine, and not only the military:  from  constant attacks also suffer local residents, including children. Heart ache, no strength to look at what is happening and conscience does not allow to stay away.

Both parties are obliged to follow the Minsk agreements and stop attacks chaotic and other aggressive actions that put civilians in a terrible situation, which is a crying disregard of humanitarian law and human rights.

 According to the World Congress of Ukrainians outside Ukraine lives about 20 million people of Ukrainian origin. And only joint efforts of Ukrainian, who live not only in motherland Ukraine, but also abroad must fight! Fight together for our future, the future of our children and defend national interests, protect the territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers mother Ukraine. For those who do not know their history are not keep and not cherish his people, not worthy of their future. Therefore, in order to preserve Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation, for the memory of older generations and a happy and peaceful future of descendants - We ask all not indifferent to support the Ukrainian real action !!!

"October 14, 2016  will be held event around the world against Putin's aggression« Stop Putin's War In Ukraine 2.0 » to stop the killings of people in eastern Ukraine, the Donbass, Crimea, suspension of hybrid war."

The main points of meetings will be:

1.     The full withdrawal of army personnel and military equipment to Russia.

2.     To strengthen the OSCE SMM and expand its operating hours to 24/7. To allow the OSCE SMM access to the Ukrainian-Russian border which is temporarily not controlled by Ukraine. Since Russia is not implementing the Minsk agreements, the situation in Donbas is worsening and people are wounded and killed.

3.To continue sanctions against Russia, since Russia is not fulfilling the Minsk agreements. It is because of Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine that the shelling is intensifying and Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are dying.” 

Many different Ukrainian communities from different countries have already joined the campaign. We are confident that together we can stop the Russian aggression against Ukraine. We support the Ukrainian diaspora, just go out and be on hand to demonstrate their disagreement with the policy of Russia. And not only in Ukraine but also in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, and in many other regions, because where is Russia - there is war!

We hope to support everyone and Ukrainian diaspora and conscious Russians and the diaspora of other people who have suffered or continue to suffer from the "Russian world" who wants to save the life of Ukrainian in  Donbas and Crimea, Syrians in Syria, all who are against war ! After the first wave of meetings was success !

Together we are force! GLORY TO UKRAINE!

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