Casino X is one of the most popular gambling sites in Russia

20 липня 2021, 13:17
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Casino X is one of the most popular gambling sites in Russia
Сasino X review site

Casino X has been actively developing since the heyday of online casinos (since 2011) under the leadership of Darmaco Trading Ltd.

The company operates under the Curacao license, which certainly increases the degree of user confidence. The project still attracts new players with the assortment of its slots and games, as well as with a wide range of functions and capabilities that allow you to play not only on the official website, but also outside it.
How safe is it to play at "Casino X"

There is an opinion among Internet users that gambling sites are engaged in pulling out the personal data of their customers. Indeed, unscrupulous services carefully collect statistics on site visitors or even hunt for user data. Casino X, contrary to such judgments, does not collect personal information from players and uses various protection methods - from the HTTPS protocol to the internal algorithms of the service, hidden from the eyes of ordinary people.
Winnings tax

The issue of taxation in the field of gambling has been open for more than a decade and usually comes down to the legislation of a particular country. Since casinos are banned in the Russian Federation, Casino X players are not subject to any taxes on their winnings - if the cashout process involves payments on the territory of the company's registration, then the user will most likely withdraw funds with taxes already provided by the service.
Casino X official website interface

The main page of the service - the "Casino" tab - greets visitors with large banners with information about current promotions and bonus programs with the same big hint of registration. In general, the appearance of the site is user-friendly and has a "fashionable" airiness without overloading information garbage and discreet design. In the "header" of the site there is a small navigation bar with three main sections:

    Live dealers;

To the right of the Casino X logo are the "Login" and "Registration" buttons, which are necessary to enter your personal account and create an account (you can also log into your account through social networks). Here, in the "header", you can choose one of 15 interface languages ​​- information on the site is also available in Russian. The button on the right side of the "header" brings up an extended navigation menu with other sections of the site and useful links. If you have any questions, you can always contact the support service through the item "Online help".
Mobile version and applications

Keep in mind that at the moment the project does not have its own application for Android and iOS, however, its official website is adapted for smartphones. Be careful not to click on suspicious links - this way you can run into scammers and accidentally visit phishing sites or download malware to your device.
Full computer version (Desktop)

Casino X has its own application for PCs based on the Windows operating system, but it completely repeats the official website of the project. This solution is needed solely to gain access to the casino bypassing the blocking, since it does not require the use of a VPN or proxy.

You can download the application through the menu on the right side of the "header" of the official site, which was mentioned earlier. After clicking on the "Download Casino" button, the download of the exe-file will start, which must be launched for subsequent installation.
What to play at Casino X

Casino X is not inferior to competitors in terms of the range of entertainment - the service offers more than a thousand different gaming activities. All of them are sorted into appropriate categories, so users can easily find entertainment to their liking. There is also a search bar that allows you to quickly find any specific game you are interested in.

This category is a collection of standard slot machines of all sorts of topics from different providers. For the convenience of the search, filters by volatility and slot manufacturers are provided, so the player can mark the size of the winnings and the developers of interest to easily find the desired game.
Live games

The Live Dealers section offers game modes with live people - from Live Monopoly and Blackjack to numerous variations of roulette. The main advantage of such entertainment is a deep immersion in the world of gambling through interactivity with real dealers.
Board games

The Tables category mainly contains various types of roulette and Blackjack. This section is similar to the previous one, however, local activities do not involve live dealers and are strictly tailored to algorithms and the game "with oneself".

This section was created specifically for high rollers and those who like to gamble only for large sums, since it presents classic slot machines with jackpots that are updated in real time - the size of the potential win increases with every second and continues to wait for its happiness.
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