How did news consumption trends change during the war?

08 липня 2022, 19:22
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Changing the behavior and perception of information of by the audience on the example of the ongoing war in Ukraine: how news consumption by Ukrainians has changed since February 24, 2022

News consumption: changing trends

Most people read news and watch videos on the Internet on their smartphones. This trend started with the evolution of content-making in social networks - when we started thinking before posting and looking for approaches to our audience to ensure and retain their loyalty.

In addition, the audience over time becomes more knowledgeable and demanding, spends less time on unnecessary content and has learned to quickly filter information.

At the same time, an important role in the consumption of information by the audience is the fact of trust. This cross-shift has made people prioritize social over traditional media.


If previously news delivery through social networks gained momentum, today social networks, especially Instagram and Telegram channels, have become the main provider of news among Ukrainians.

What factors played a role in this?

First, efficiency - in the format of live posting, these communication channels are best in terms of availability. Thus, Telegram "grew up" on the bans of other social networks and became almost the first resource of help among Ukrainians. In addition, most foreigners also started to connect to the service in order to receive up-to-date, reliable news.

Secondly, trust - because most of the publications are made in real mode, so there is little probability of "playing" with the content - thanks to online connections in stories, etc.

Thirdly, the lack of censorship - even covering publications with "sensitive content" tags, Instagram gave the opportunity to view publications at the user's choice. The reality format that users can get is ahead of filtered news feeds.

What about traditional media?

Against the background of information wars among media holdings, trust in traditional media began to fall over time, leaving a dozen "resources of trust" for the public.

Since the first months of the war, "UNIAN" and "TSN" have taken the first places in the top ten most popular traditional sources of news supply, trusted by Ukrainians.

As of June 2022, “Suspilne TV has overtaken the well-known "Inter TV” in terms of influence.


In general, communication and communication agencies leave behind an empathic style of content creation, familiar to citizens. The form, format - everything is within the framework of the standard design of news, but the symbolism and accents themselves have acquired a more emotional meaning. So, the winning content is the one that is focusing on:

  • Emotional safety is a trigger for viewing.

Many people have started to sort content that meets their emotional needs first - to get / share a moment of sympathy, and conversely - content that helps to calm down and relieve anxiety.

  • Personal significance - the audience today gives more priority to moments that are important to their health and life. Everything else is sorted out as secondary.

Why is it important to monitor changes in priorities and habits in information consumption?

Companies, information agencies, opinion leaders need to be "in time with the audience" in order to be heard. Without figurative meanings - people's behavior and their interest and dedication to information is determined by days - not months. What was relevant yesterday may change under the influence of external conditions today.

Yesterday we looked at webs for fashion trends, today youth live on the platforms of local manufacturers that have the mark "aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces".

Information should reflect social problems - today this is one of the most important trends in content creation.

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