Which club cannot be included in the top 10 online casinos?

02 грудня 2020, 14:09
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Which club cannot be included in the top 10 online casinos?
Sites with the following characteristics fall out of the casino rating in United States.

Evaluating establishments are double checked. To begin with, the license and compliance of the casino with current legislation are assessed.

If the project has a certificate from the regulator of Star Gambling, Malta or the Isle of Man, the site gets to the second stage of the analysis in the top casino. Separate sections of the institution are already evaluated here.

Expired or revoked license

Anyone who has a budget, a prepared website and branded software can get a certificate. However, this does not mean that the site may lose its permission to conduct gambling activities in two or three weeks. Therefore, the license number is checked on a regular basis.

Violation of the law

Online gambling is prohibited in United States, but the clubs themselves do not violate anything. The fact is that companies are registered in offshore zones abroad.

Unreal wagering for bonuses

One of the reasons for license revocation is the prize program, which is exclusively focused on the operator. When the wager exceeds the x70-80 position, the client has no chance to make a profit. The player deliberately finds himself in a hopeless situation.

The amount of entry and exit is too high

In the best online casinos, you can start playing from 100 dollars. This is quite a comfortable entrance for beginners. Few people want to spend thousands, especially without experience. It is clear that an institution that offers withdrawal only from 5000 dollars is unlikely to be in a high position in the top online casinos for real money.

Fake slot machines

Many clubs try to deceive regulators and add open source emulators along with proprietary software. Sooner or later, this leads to the revocation of the certificate. If the slot machine cannot be verified by the serial number in the developer's catalog, it is better to go to play for money in another club. Reviews become one of the secondary, but important factors. Comments are checked last and are searched primarily on closed forums and social media communities. Only here you can find real customer reviews of the best slot machines, not purchased opinions with fake screenshots.

Original article: https://stargambling.net/casinos/review/
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