This version of Blackjack is based on the Playtech gaming platform

20 липня 2021, 13:18
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This version of Blackjack is based on the Playtech gaming platform
Source: Free Online Blackjack Game best way to perfect this timeless table game for fun.

It would seem that Blackjack is Blackjack, place your bets and collect points! But everything is not so simple: both in real life and in virtual online casinos, you can stumble upon a wide variety

So, before you is the online version of the blackjack game, which is played on six standard decks without jokers. The cards are carefully shuffled before each new deal. The classic rules remain unchanged, and so does the goal of the game. But what are the features - let's see. By the way, experienced players find a lot in common between this version of Blackjack and the Las Vegas Strip. But the specifics are still there.

At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals himself two cards and immediately reveals one of them. However, the presence of blackjack is not checked, even if the face up card turns out to be an ace. At any seventeen points, the dealer stops drawing cards.

Double is allowed in this Blackjack, split is also allowed. A split can only be done once per box. Double is allowed after split. Sarrend is gone.

If the dealer gets blackjack on the open top ten, the losing bet from the box where the double was played is returned to the player. If the dealer has an ace open, then blackjack insurance can be made, paying two to one.

One card is dealt to the split aces in the game. If an ace and a ten are on a split box, they do not count as blackjack and are considered 21 points.

As for the payouts on winnings, the regular one is paid one to one, and blackjack is paid two to one. If equal points are scored, then a draw is declared - push. Bets can be placed in the range from one to one hundred euros on five boxes.

There are no bonus payments in this game, and no progressive jackpot is raffled.

The verdict of this version of Blackjack can only be taken by yourself, after you have played and personally evaluate all the pros and cons. Of course, fans of European blackjack may not like this game, but why not try it? Moreover, gambling on the Internet does not mean spending and real risk. Play Blackjack for free and without registration, and you will not lose a penny! Playing Blackjack without registration means unlimited opportunities to practice the gameplay, develop strategies and just have fun.
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