Legalization of gambling in Dubai is not expected in the near future

14 січня 2021, 13:13
Власник сторінки
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No casinos will appear in Dubai, even if the government allows international brands of casino resorts to expand their activities in the city.

This statement was made by the CEO of the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing of the Government of Dubai, Isam Kazim, a few days after Caesars Entertainment Corp. announced that it plans to bring its Caesars Palace brand to the market of the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates this year. In addition to Caesars, MGM Resorts International has previously agreed to take over the management of a 10.5 hectare premium resort.

Kazim said the government wants to preserve Muslim traditions, according to which gambling is a sin. However, in Muslim countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Malaysia, casinos are allowed.

“We must remember the cultural aspects, which are in the first place for us,” Kazim said.

Like most Middle Eastern states, the UAE is looking to diversify its economy so that it is less dependent on the oil industry, strengthening trade and tourism.

Kazim noted that Caesars will primarily help attract tourists to Dubai, and not promote gambling. And MGM, in turn, will build residences under its own brand and the Bellagio brand hotel, containing a total of 1,000 rooms and 10 villas in Dubai.
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