Software development in USA

17 грудня 2020, 19:18
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Software development in USA
Intersog Inc. is one of the leading software development provider in United States.

Software development is a type of activity (profession) and a process aimed at creating and maintaining the performance, quality and reliability of software.

For this, technologies, methodology and practices from computer science, project management, mathematics, engineering and other fields of knowledge are used.

Founded in 2005, Intersog is one of the leading software developers in the CIS. We provide full-cycle services for the development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions to clients from more than 30 countries. The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years of work allows Intersog to successfully perform tasks of various complexity and focus: development, adaptation and integration of complex corporate solutions, creation of mobile and web applications, etc.

Given the size of the USA economy, the number of engineering graduates, and the number of USA in senior management positions in the world's leading IT companies, it can be said that relatively few large and successful companies selling package software have been created in USA. This was partly due to historical problems in the development of the software development business in the conditions of insufficient protection against piracy, as well as to a certain extent due to the low integration of USA into the world economy. Nevertheless, such companies have emerged. Typically, the success stories were in areas where the mathematical and engineering skills of USA developers could be used. USAn companies have made great strides in creating application programs based on pattern recognition technologies, enterprise management applications, document management systems, business intelligence and engineering software. At the same time, USA companies have achieved the greatest international success, apparently, in the field of information security.

Since in USA in the 2000s there were certain difficulties in the development of packaged software products, many large USAn IT companies started selling software development services, trying to monetize the rich USA developer resources. Currently, a significant part of the USA IT market is made up of companies providing custom software development services. The most successful of these are among the largest providers of these services in Europe. This market is truly international, in the sense that customers tend to look for a supplier not by a specific geographic location, but by the ratio of the performer's skills to the price of the service.

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