Software development and maintenance services

17 декабря 2020, 15:14
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Software development and maintenance services
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Intersog offers a full cycle of software development and maintenance services. Terms of cooperation are traditionally flexible, allowing to optimize time and financial costs for development.

The competence of our team allows:

  • development of applications "from scratch", while determining whether it will be a web application, or a full-fledged application software;
  • finalization of the functionality of current applications in the form of plugins, updates within the current system, individual functional blocks, or API for interacting with other systems;
  • preparation of IT infrastructure for the project, service support after the implementation of the product, the formation of technical and user documentation.
Our portfolio contains applications in the areas
  • web application development
  • business application development
  • improvements to open source systems
  • business process automation solutions
  • electronic document management systems for commercial and government organizations
  • systems for corporate communications and interaction
  • IT process automation solutions

Our team is built on the principle of turnkey project implementation and includes its own analyst, a group of developers with an architect and a tester. We prepare solutions taking into account the production characteristics and corporate culture of the Customer.

Depending on the client's expectations for project management, we form a role model of project management, including participants from both sides. The rules for working on a project are established depending on its main limitations (terms, territorial dispersion, conditions for launching a product, etc.).
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