There are no bad or good choices

29 марта 2013, 21:19
There are no bad or good choices

P.S. I do not have russian or ukrainian keyboard. Sorry :)

Hi All! 
I want just to share some impression from books that I am reading and course that I am listening.
Have you ever think what can happened with you if you will make "wrong" decision?
- Everything :)
Only you creating life around you,nobody else. 
There are no good or bad things
There are things and situation that you create by yourself
The  main to hear yourself not anybody else

As well with all this things you have to be brave enough not to use standard way of thinking and follow the advertising and pressure from different people
Be different!
Do your own strange and crazy choices and create  what you realy want :)
Do experiments!
Do not be afraid to do wrong things in your life
And remember there are no good or bad choices :)

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