This adventure novel is about contemporary Russian intelligence service

10 марта 2014, 08:14
This adventure novel is about contemporary Russian intelligence service

An adventure novel about contemporary Russian intelligence service came out in Ukraine at the beginning of 2014.

The book “Revenge of the operative” was written by Bohdan Kushnir, a former Moscow journalist of the newspaper “Molod Ukrainy/ Youth of Ukraine” and edited by the Ukrainian publisher “Apriori” (Lviv, “Apriori”, 2014, 352 p.)

The infernal game sets on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus in the newly set Russian intelligence service operation center that emerged with lightning speed together with sports venues of Sochi Winter Olympics.

Subsidiary countries donated colossal financial resources for the formation of stability zone circling Russia. Officers of foreign counterintelligence who work in Ukraine under diplomatic cover investigate how funds were used. They don’t even guess that they are employed as disguise for multimove game of Russian intelligence service working to achieve far-reaching goals of presidential environment.

The main character was deceitfully used in the covering action during his duty trip to Ukraine. Caught in the dead end, he sets his countdown, but pure and selfless love towards a modest girl changes his destiny. He finds the way out from the dead-end situation and reveals the details of strictly confidential operation of intelligence agencies.

This adventure novel is about contemporary Russian intelligence service, its secret insides and specific relationships between operatives that have always been, are and will be out of the public eye.

Love and hatred, light and tacky romantic spirit of greed - the eternal human contradictions closely interwoven with real historical events, it is a struggle of oligarchic Russian factions for power and attempts to use intelligence to influence the powerful.


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