BGO Casino Review and Rating 2021 by Star Gambling

17 березня 2021, 11:25
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BGO Casino Review and Rating 2021 by Star Gambling
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BGO Casino is a friendly and welcoming site. Slot players will enjoy the variety of games available, especially the branded slot games. BGO Casino may be a relative newcomer to the online casino scene

TV viewers are familiar with Channel 5’s celebrity show Big Brother. Those who love this show and wish to get involved can do so by registering at a recently launched online BGO Casino.

BGO Casino is a new bingo site partnered by Star Gambling and Channel 5 where bingo players as well fans of this popular show will get to follow the show and have some say in the outcome. Members at the bingo site will lots more than the game of bingo as players will have a chance to win exclusive Big Brother prizes. There are many different table games offered, some of which are roulette casino game, Roulette Monte Carlo, French Roulette, Casino Craps, Sic-Bo, Castle Keno and Chuck-a-Luck.

Members at BGO Casino get to choose and play free live roulette online game, 90-Ball Bingo and 5-Line Bingo games. Apart from these, the bingo site offers three Progressive Jackpots namely Big Mutha 90, Big Brutha 75 and Eye 5py. Players interested in Instant Win Games and Slots can check out the offerings in the Bedroom tab.

This newly launched bingo site does not have any big winners as yet but it offers interesting promotions to their members. Players are offered The Weekly Task where they carry out specific actions every Thursday to Wednesday, earn points and win the weekly prize.

Players registering at the site are offered a 200% welcome bonus up to £20 free. There are exclusive Big Brother prizes on offer with players getting a chance to be part of the cheering/jeering Eviction night crowd. Exclusive prizes lined up for BigBrotherBingo housemates are as follows:

  • Exclusive VIP access to the Big Brother House
  • VIP guest passes to Eviction Nights and Interviews
  • Signed Big Brother props from inside the real house and lots more

There are weekly and weekend promos with extra treats, luxuries Ips and cash prizes on offer as well as Daily highlight games. The end of the month is time for The Monthly wrap party where players get a chance to win free bingo funds.

Check out this site if you’re a big fan of Big Brother TV show.

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