L/DPR-Supporting Organization in Ireland Formed by Citizens of Vinnytsia

15 грудня 2017, 15:37
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Most European countries tolerate organizations declaring humanitarian aid collection. Though, often local authorities are not interested in the non-advertised side of their activities. Due to this rea

Most European countries tolerate organizations declaring humanitarian aid collection. Though, often local authorities are not interested in the non-advertised side of their activities. Due to this reason, ‘cells’ of the ‘Russian World’ supporters have been formed in practically every state in the west. In Ireland at the helm of such an organization are citizens of Vinnytsia.

Odesa only. How a particular topic is being exploited in Europe.

Dozens of Vinnytsia volunteers help the ATO-fighters and the peaceful population of Donbas. At the same time, some natives of Vinnytsia, staying in "full" Europe, actively work for the benefit of the "Russian world". Under the view of gathering humanitarian aid, with the flags of "new Russia" they hold pickets and agitate to sign up as "volunteers" for the ranks of pro-Russian formations. Some of them have already been in the ‘Peacekeeper’database, as for the others the turn has not come yet.

Serhii Bardashov (born in Vinnytsia, currently an Irish resident) became an active participant in protests in the summer of 2014. As co-founder of the Mobius Foundation, with the help of several supporters, he organized the picket of the Embassies of Ukraine and Poland, the EU Office and other administrative buildings in Dublin. At the same time, he conducted several social network pages, where he has been calling for the ‘new Russia’ assistance for three years already.

According to the ‘Peacekeeper’ database, this person is even the official ‘representative of the DPR in Ireland’, and funds are received at the Embassy of the Russian Federation. Bardashov predominantly exploits the theme of ‘Odesa tragedy’ at many pickets. For 3.5 years, he and the followers stand with posters in the streets, not only in the capital of Ireland, but also in other major cities, such as Cork and Belfast.

The turbulent activity of ex-resident of Vinnytsia can be discussed by social networks. Thus, he himself points out that he has repeatedly been in the occupied territories, in Donetsk and Krasnodon particularly. Taking into account Bardashov’s Facebook check-ins, he might visited the occupied territory of Donbas for nine times in the period of January - July 2017.

Moreover, the man became a star of the separatist TV channel, where he talked about the support of the "fight against the ??" on the British Isles.

Actions in Ireland – not for the Irish

One of Bardashov's closest friends is his fellow countryman - also a native of Vinnytsia, current citizen of Latvia and Ukraine, bard Serhii Menshakov, who lives in Ireland. Both are co-founders of ‘Mobius’.

In addition to this ‘propaganda and agitation’ organization specializing in pickets, they and their colleagues also created a "Humanitarian Battalion", which at first seemed to function only in Ireland, and since 2015 covered the UK.

The ‘REAL’ source explains as if no publications on those organizations and people in the English-speaking sphere ever appeared. And that is not surprising. For the local police, specialists and even journalists there is nothing unusual in that - a peaceful picket or humanitarian aid gathering – seem an ordinary, common activity. Humanitarian assistance to civilians, especially children, is welcomed, no matter which side of the conflict it is designed for. Separated regions of that territories are not recognized officially. According to the European laws - there are no violations.

Then whom are the activities for? Channels such as Life News, RT, NewsFront, and others that propagate the separated regions are very interested in a picture indicating support in the west, although, the result turned out to be more than modest. Some videos with Bardashov and Menshakov have collected 3 YouTube views! Not much, but collectively. According to the free access videos, 30 people came in for one protest with the ‘L/DPN’, or ‘new Russia’ symbols. This is a record! Usually - a maximum of 10-15.

Migrant Workers Scam

According to profiles in different social networks (and the fans of the "Russian world" adore taking photos), it can be assumed that at first the Irish people contacted Svitlana Akimchenkova, a resident of Mariupol, accused of organizing a terrorist act and convicted in 2015, and later with an Anatolii Heliukh, a resident of Donetsk, also convicted and transferred to the Russian side within the exchange. Then Bardashov might establish a connection with a certain Ruslan from Horlivka and a resident of Ternopil Vitalii Skorokhodov.

At the same time S. Bardashov regularly tries to contact any of those who are on hearing. In 2014 these were ‘governors’ Gubariev and Bolotov, and now a pro-Russian journalist, Graham Phillips.

As for the so-called ‘Humanitarian battalion’, according to the ‘Peacekeeper’, he supervises the collection of funds for militants, as well as the purchase and transfer of military equipment to the DNR/ DPN. From social networks we can observe another thing: money is collected, but amounts of more than 500 euros / pounds are a rarity.

Bardashov usually notes that he sends ‘surgical gloves, ear cleaning sticks, T-shirts, men's trousers, tea, biscuits, sugar, pasta, stew, rice and sunflower oil’ etc. These goods are received, judging by the photos, by ‘houses for the elderly’ and other organizations. Moreover, photos of a receipt and a package of medicines were published recently, and they were in Russian. It is likely the money was raised in Britain, but the goods were bought in Russia.

By the way, about the Russian Federation: both men often visit Russia. There they have many relatives, so they travel from St. Petersburg to Blagoveshchensk. It remains unclear where ‘the Irish of Vinnytsia origin’ work officially to afford such trips, therefore, the support of the Embassy seems quite possible.

And the list is not accomplished with these two men. On many protests and other events, there appears a man named Alexander Kurochkin. Situational followers of those abovementioned - someone Vladlen Yelyashevich, a Latvian resident who supported the protests in 2014 and then departed from them, Bartosz Bejchad – a Polish citizen, in protests from 2014 to 2017, was the representative of ‘Humanitarian Battalion of Ireland’ at ‘primaries’ in Donetsk and an observer at the ‘elections’ in the LPR, as well as several other characters.

And further. According to the video, several Irish people appear on protest actions. These are pacifists. Their thoughts boil down to the call ‘peace in the whole world’. The rest were residents of the former USSR, who, apparently, came by inertia, one or two times.

In fact, it turns out that several residents of Ireland have access to a grant from the embassy and work part-time with the topic of separatism, and the rest, if they come, quickly understand the profanity.

Although formally, except for the use of symbols, the ‘grant receiver’ have nothing to be declared prosecution, for them it would be better not return to Ukraine anyway.

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