Ukraine: one country - two systems: development by Hong Kong pattern

01 березня 2015, 15:43
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Ukraine: one country - two systems: development by Hong Kong pattern

For a successful solution of the Ukrainian issue it’s necessary that the US and Britain should participate in the negotiation process offering Hong Kong pattern for Ukraine

Let me express my respect to all participants of the conference on behalf of numerous public organizations - members of the Ukrainian Civil Constitutional Congress. 


Probably the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis the world today is again on the verge of a global war as a result of confrontation between the two world powers.


In this confrontation, Ukraine became not only a hostage of situation, but also a military base on the territory of which there may begin the greatest tragedy in the history of civilization.


During such periods, the system of international relations, the decisions of parliaments and governments play an insignificantly small role in comparison with the role of individuals who, by virtue of their position, knowledge and authority can have a decisive role in the course of history.


Nowadays many political leaders are seeking solutions to the Ukrainian problem, which may be solved by strong-willed and unconventional methods.


First of all, we must understand the need for institutional reforms in governance, constitutionalism, energy and finance. This is a separate topic for the future discussion.


Today, we want to offer one of the extra-systematic solutions, which lies more in the plane of geo-economics, economic security and development of transport corridors. Post military strategic cooperation between Ukraine and the United States will be based on non-linear multisystem cooperation which will include the best of the world's economic decision-making, the construction of joint security systems as well as the formation of government of the country on the principles of the Philadelphia Convention.


For geo-economic and geopolitical reasons Ukraine appears to be in the zone of influence of the four global economic blocs: the European Union, CIS, China and the North American Union.


Political and economic developments in Ukraine are related to competition between economic blocks, up to the partition of the country.


Such struggle for Ukraine means that the country can become a link unifying these economic blocs, a kind of tunnel between them, successfully using its geo-economic and geopolitical position.


For this purpose we propose to consider the development of the country by Hong Kong pattern: "One country - two systems". Taking into account this pattern Ukraine can build International special economic zones (ISEZ) on the territories of "frozen conflicts".


Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China which is governed by its residents on the terms of a high degree of autonomy. The People's Government of China takes on the issues of defense and foreign policy of the territory, while Hong Kong retains the control over the law, police, monetary system, customs duties and immigration policy.


In the world today there is a trend to create economic zones between two countries as, for example, the European Union and the Customs Union, the EU and the US, China and Taiwan, Australia and China, etc. The managing council adjusts the standards to the best patterns. And this is correct.


This suggests the idea of building a specific transition, "tunnels" between zones. This idea is new, as its implementation is undertaken by China only.


Under the term of International Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) we take into consideration an economic zone with its special legal, customs, tax and financial status, built on the principles of international cooperation.


ISEZ is considered to be a kind of tunnel transition (economic analogue is the space-time "wormhole" in physics) between the economic blocks.


ISEZ financial base is built on a high percentage of profits from the project realization. ISEZ establishes its fund which includes resources (material, intellectual, financial, etc.) that may go beyond the ISEZ only on special schemes. This creates a protective barrier against speculative financial capital.


ISEZ is a great regulator of the integration processes, the range of crystallization of corporate interests. There is always something super-common, fundamental, vital for the participants of communication. ISEZ is not just a consensus; it is a chance for all, including irreconcilable opponents in the past.


Due to the concept "One country (Ukraine) - the two systems (the post-Soviet and British capitalist) it is possible to build economic zones " Donbas " and " the Crimea ". As part of the concept "Two countries (Moldova and Transnistria, Ukraine to Odesa region) - two systems" there can be formed an economic zone that takes into account the interests and standards of different economic blocs (the European and Customs Union). The same pattern is in the base of an economic zone "Bug", which includes Volyn and Lviv regions of Ukraine, four border provinces of Poland as well as Brest region of Belarus.


An important feature of economic zones in Ukraine is the construction of the model of the local self-government system.


For example, creating economic zones in Donbas or in the Crimea at the same time we create Managing Council that consists of representatives of the regions and professional managers. The Council negotiates with investors, sets tariff rates, plans to establish enterprises as well as provides environmental standards and social benefits. Managing Council will replace the current leadership of the unrecognized republics. And the state of Ukraine itself will require a fundamental change in the Constitution.


Creation of an ISEZ system instead of "frozen conflicts" will save Europe from new wars and not only creates a tunnel between the economic blocks, but also enhances the security of Ukraine itself (much more effectively than international agreements!), Europe and the whole world.


The same system, with some adaptation, can be used in those EU countries where there are aspirations for autonomy.


In such ISEZ the United States, together with partner countries will be able to create management companies, funds, new areas for investment of institutional investors as well as have a more flexible approach to systems of creating and managing transportation corridors and develop   global environmental programs and energy efficiency projects.


An integrated approach to these processes with the direct support and participation of the United States will lay the conditions of overcoming the global economic crisis and prevent the world from slipping into a global war.


Of course, at the same time the governance of the states themselves will be modernized. I think that in our area Ukraine and Turkey will follow the path of reforming the system of government based on the American pattern, including using the tools of direct democracy (Constitutional Convention), which will allow them without changing the boundaries to include problematic territories into the control system.


 In the coming years EU and other countries will have to revise and improve the basic principles of international law, adapting them to the new economic trends and political realities.


Equally important, and perhaps decisive there will be a spiritual and religious factor which in the coming decades will lay the foundation of a new ethics of coexistence of states and peoples.


For the development of this project it is necessary that under the auspices of the US and Ukraine Governments there should be formed a working group consisting of scientists, managers and representatives of the civil society. From our side we are also ready to make every effort to offer already created projects.




 Yuri  Zbitnev -  Ukrainian politician, statesman and public figure, constitutionalist. Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Civil Constitutional Congress.




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