Some military information and personal experssion

31 мая 2014, 14:11

I can't keep calm when such things happening in my hometown

Hi All! I want to share some military info from the East of Ukraine. I hope it is not true but as what locals are watching over there seems to be true :(    
Just talk to the cousin in Lugansk state and she knows and talking to many people in her city.
Want to share I guess 3 facts...

1 FACT. There are unlimited flow of weapons  going through the border from the Russia

2 FACT. Most of prisoners or all of them are free in the Lugansk and Donetsk states and they are doing what ever they want :(
There are so many alcoholics, drug addicted people  that I rob what ever they can. BUT there are many peaceful and adequate people as well that want to live peacefully their life and they are suffering because of bandits/ex prisoners, drug addicted people, etc. These peaceful people are in the trap right now.

3 FACT. The physiology. The propaganda from all side are strong. There is no complete true anywhere. The Russian Governmental mass media is zombie of their Government because there is only pure lie. BUT the Ukrainian mass media as well do not saying what is really happening. And there are so many facts that makes it complicated to analyze. The only one pure fact that The fear of many people in Lugansk and Donestk is so high.

But you have to understand that is global, national game of some people. Unfortunately because of that the peaceful people are  suffering. You have to understand as well that in time of fast globalization it is no matter where are you from BUT it is matter if you HUNANE.

It is seems that the Russian  inside security and government is  living in total illusion.
Yes, I am sure that there are many facts that I do not know BUT I know that THIS AGE OF TRANSITION to the understanding of the HAPPINESS, SELF DEVELOPMENT and understanding that the LOVE is the most important in our life (beside that we have to survive) and that we are UNITED on this PLANET. It means that people who are living in the same cities at list should help each other. But not every body can understand that. I can understand that the all the people in this PLANET is on the different level of development and I know that the person can rescue him/herself by her own. But than guess why so many people are immigrating and why so many people from the developing country are  working hard and proving that they are valuable skilled migrant to live in the developed countries. Guess where many Russians are immigrating? Where there are going?
Why more than 5 millions of Ukrainians living in Canada? Because they want peaceful and happy life and they are doing everything to live in better conditions, and it is related to all the world. It is no matter where you are from but if you are HUMANE that important to me.

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