How to play roulette online at Star Gambling?

14 лютого 2019, 11:30
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Online roulette

After you sit down at the table, you need to choose the color of the chips for this session. Our client program allows you to quickly select the denomination and the number of chips to bet.

Roulette betting can seem daunting to a beginner as different players place their bets differently. But the rules for betting are actually pretty simple.

You can bet on any number or group of numbers using inside and outside bets. It is important to remember that any outside bet, as well as the sum of all inside bets, must not be less than the minimum set for the table. In this case, external and internal bets are made independently of each other, and therefore the minimum condition must be observed for them.

If your bet wins, then the original bet is returned to your account and you will receive a win depending on what you bet on (see the table below). If your bet loses, you lose it.

Our client program automatically checks the bet amount and will not allow you to bet less than the minimum. Therefore, if you have chosen a bet size less than the minimum, then the first time you click on a place for a bet, you will automatically place a minimum bet.

The program sums up all internal bets and makes sure that the minimum bet condition is met. If the minimum is not reached, then such bets will be removed when the wheel is started (when the time allotted for placing bets expires).

If you play at a table for several players, only those bets that have been made within the allotted time will play. On single player tables, you must confirm your bets and then click the Spin button.
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