Playing with the Brain: The Nature of Human Behavior

25 ноября 2017, 13:19
Playing with the Brain: The Nature of Human Behavior

What do you know about your brain? How does it work? Why do you take decisions? Why do you like and dislike some things? Any ideas?

"Playing with the Brain: The Nature of Human Behavior" is a unique event where our experts will give you answers. It is time to find out more about yourself and to explore new opportunities for your business!

- thoughtful arguments about brain science implications,
- the cutting-edge approaches and breakthroughs that will move your business ahead of others,
- an exclusive possibility to listen to the leading scientists and business experts first hand in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere,
- two hours of high professional information and quality networking.


- The Triplex Brain Leader (Keynote 1)
- Brain War: Who Wins the Battles Inside Your Head? (… it's not you!) (Keynote 2)
- How to Use Neuroscience in Real Business (A discussion)

Co-authors of the book "Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach", published by Kogan Page in London:

Alexandros Psichogios, a Professor of International HRM in Birmingham City Business School at Birmingham City University, a Research Visitor in South Eastern European Research Centre (SEERC), an Associate Researcher in GNOSIS Research Group of the Management School at the University of Liverpool,

Nikolaos Dimatriadia, CEO Trizma Neuro (Serbia), a certified Neuromarketer, by SalesBrain USA, the Development Director at the Executive Development Institute of the University of Sheffield International Faculty, a Lecturer at the Sheffield Executive MBA in South East Europe (SEE).

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