Registration at BitStarz is possible only if the person is over 18 years old

07 липня 2021, 17:12
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 Registration at BitStarz is possible only if the person is over 18 years old
Games and software providers of online BitStarz casino

Many reviews of BitStarz Casino indicate that this option of gaining access would be desirable. But the management of the gambling club is not yet considering the possibility of adding such a chip.

BitStarz Casino started its activities in 2014. Thanks to the Curacao license, the company was able to sign contracts with the largest providers. After all, the presence of any jurisdiction already obliges the casino to fulfill its obligations.

Design and interface

One of those casinos that doesn't have any special animations or color schemes. Everything is simple and good from it. Almost the entire site is in a dark style, except for the information board in the middle of the main page, where the latest winners, top winners and active jackpots are indicated.

At the top of the page, there is an information feed where players are told about the latest news, BitStarz slots reviews and promotions. The big plus is that these advertisements can be scrolled using the corresponding arrows at the edges of the screen.
Input and output

The minimum deposit at BitStarz Casino depends on the currency in which money is deposited into the account. If it is rubles - 300, and if it is euros or dollars - 5. In general, BitStarz casino accepts money not only in the most popular currencies. British pounds, Norwegian kroner and many varieties of cryptocurrencies can also be found here.

Withdrawal of funds and the time of payments in BitStarz casino depends on the withdrawal method. If these are electronic wallets, then money comes in less than an hour, if cards or bank accounts - up to 3 days. You also need to remember about the processing time of the application up to 12 hours. Weekends do not affect payments.
Tournaments, lotteries

BitStars bonuses are hidden, as there is no separate “Tournaments” block. They are located in the general tab “Promotions”. This is one of those casinos that allow themselves to launch 5 competitions at once, so that customers can compete for the prize they are interested in. All that is required is to play certain slots.

The official site of the BitStarz Casino offers its registered customers immediately 20 free spins without making a deposit. Additionally, you can get a bonus for making the first few deposits:

    The first one is 100%, no more than 100 EUR.
    Second - 50%, no more than 100 EUR.
    Third - 50%, no more than 200 EUR.
    The fourth - 100%, no more than 100 EUR.

You can also get the BitStarz casino bonus on Monday. A special bonus will allow you to get to your account up to 50% of the size of the deposit. And if you make a deposit on Wednesday, you can get up to 200 free spins.

One of the most common circumvention methods is BitStarz casino mirrors. In this case, the server is accessed through completely different domains. They are constantly changing, so you should always know the current address. The latest BitStarz Casino mirrors are always posted on our site.

So that the client does not experience problems with finding mirrors, which gambling establishments offer to install plugins in browsers. By adding such an extension to your browser, a button for a quick transition to the casino website appears in it.

Download casino to computer

Also, some establishments offer to download the desktop version of the gambling establishment. But the official BitStarz website does not provide such an opportunity. Although this method is one of the easiest to use. After all, if you have a preinstalled program, you don't even need to launch a browser. All you need to do is open the program, and the system will automatically connect to the casino service. Real player reviews of BitStarz casino indicate that it is time for manufacturers to think about adding such an opportunity to their site.
mobile version

The most important part of any website is optimization. So BitStarz casino has adapted the interface of its website not only for computers, but also for mobile devices. To do this, all the necessary functions were hidden under a convenient button. Now, when opening the site from a smartphone, the entire menu is conveniently located so that it does not take up much space, and the client can already scroll through the remaining space and select the slots he is interested in.
For android and iOS

In addition to special programs for the computer, there is also software for phones. It makes it possible to open a casino anywhere without using third-party blocking bypass methods. But the company does not provide an option to download such an application for a smartphone.

Slot machines

The slot machines of the BitStarz casino have only one drawback - there is no possibility of sorting slots by manufacturer. All you can do is find a specific machine by name. But here an interesting idea is implemented - a random slot. By clicking on the button "I'm lucky!" A random slot will be launched.

Other games

In addition to slots, there are lobbies, jackpots, table, Live dealers and games for bitcoins. Each of the categories is diverse enough that customers can find games to suit their tastes.
Official website and registration
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