Play Virtual Star Gambling Roulette demo for free

15 березня 2021, 12:46
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Play Virtual Star Gambling Roulette demo for free
Enjoy the Virtual Roulette right here. Discover top games for FREE.

Demo Roulette Premier is a unique product from Virtual. Even among the free roulettes, it really stands out for its design and graphics quality.

Interestingly, you can change the interface buttons to your liking. The possibilities for customization do not end there - there are only two colors on the roulette wheel (black and brown), while the color of the table can be customized and you can choose between red, green or blue.

The developers of the Premier demo roulette give players a choice of two game modes - three-dimensional and standard. The advantage of the first mode is in the realism of the picture. But if you do not like such innovations, then you can stay on the previous mode - normal.

As for the settings, the Premier demo roulette has additionally:

    Video Zoom - this setting is located in the upper left corner and allows you to zoom in and close the camera to the ball when it has almost stopped.
    Win Details is an additional option that will allow you to view all the static data on winning spins. The setting will be convenient for those who place a lot of bets and it is very difficult to track them all.
    Game Speeds - you can adjust the speed of the game. If you feel that the game is going fast enough, then just reduce its speed and keep enjoying.
    Turbo - this option removes the animation when the ball rotates and shows the player the result of the spin. This is great if you want the game to run much faster and don't want to wait.
    Statistics is a game statistics option that can be activated in the settings.
    Auto Play is a special mode in which Premier Roulette will independently place bets and launch the game without your direct participation.

If you are planning to play roulette for money, then you should carefully consider the choice of the casino, since the location of the casino is a big plus for the success in the game.
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