SPLIT CARD, DOUBLE BET, REFUSAL - Real money online Blackjack by Star Gambling

18 лютого 2021, 17:10
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SPLIT CARD, DOUBLE BET, REFUSAL -  Real money online Blackjack by Star Gambling
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Having received the original two-card hand, first of all, you need to investigate it for splitting (or, as the players say, splitting). If your two cards are of the same rank, use Table 4.

It shows when you need to split cards (Spl), and in which cases it is unprofitable (empty cells of the table). We emphasize that Table 4 has the highest priority and is the starting point for analyzing the situation. Sometimes, however, you will have to face the limitation on the maximum number of splits allowed in a casino (no more than four combinations on one box). When separation is no longer possible, it is naturally ignored in our analysis.

The next step is to check the possibility of doubling the bet (double) and abandoning the game - "surrenders". The strategy of doubling bets on hard and soft combinations is shown in tables 5, 6 (Dbl - doubling). It can be seen from the tables that doubling is unprofitable on "hard" glasses going out of the 9-11 range, although the spectrum of possibilities is somewhat wider on soft combinations.

As for the refusal or "compensation", then this technique is advisable only on hard combinations, and even then in rather rare cases listed in Table 7 (Sur - refusal). Most often, “buy-off” makes sense if the dealer's starting card is an ace.

And, finally, if doubling the bet or “payoffs” turned out to be meaningless, we turn to tables 2, 3 and move on to a set of additional cards.

Please note that due to blackjack rules, tables 4-7 only apply to the original two-card hands. Tables 4-6 can be used for new two-card combinations resulting from splitting, but table 7 does not apply in these cases. For combinations with three or more cards, all information is concentrated in tables 2, 3.

We have covered the basic strategy of playing blackjack, not counting insurance, which will be discussed below. The abundance of tables can cause inconvenience, so all the necessary information is collected in tables 8 (for hard combinations) and 9 (for soft combinations). In each cell of both tables there is a sign of the continuation of the set of additional cards ("+" or "-"). The rest of the designations are clear without comment.

Source: https://stargambling.net/games/blackjack/
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