A Spanish 21 game that can be found in any casino - Star Gambling

05 лютого 2021, 13:09
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A Spanish 21 game that can be found in any casino - Star Gambling
Can Online Spanish 21 Blackjack be trusted?

Blackjack belongs to the category of banking games, including roulette: the players are not fighting among themselves - each of them is playing against the bank.

The representative and living personification of the bank is a dealer (croupier) who defends the interests of a gambling establishment.

They say that blackjack resembles a bank game that was once very popular in Russia - "point" or "twenty-one". Outwardly, this is really so: each player seeks to collect a combination of cards that gives 21 points (or slightly less), and busting leads to an immediate defeat. But the external impression is deceiving. According to their strategic principles, these two games differ fundamentally: blackjack is more complex and interesting, and this opens up completely new perspectives for the players.

Where and when blackjack originated is not known exactly. In any case, references to him are found in the literature of the 70s of the XIX century, and the "copyright" for the game is still claimed by Americans, French, Italians. Although it is safe to say that blackjack owes its immense popularity to the United States. About forty years ago, the mathematical theory of this game appeared in the USA, which has come a long way during this time and continues to develop further.

The first part of the book by Dmitry Lesnoy and Lev Nathanson is devoted specifically to the mathematics of blackjack. And in the following parts we will talk about luck and bad luck, about the psychology of the players and about what you can see in the casino and what you can learn there.

Source: https://stargambling.net/games/blackjack/
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