Is it possible to play online casinos in the UAE without consequences?

03 лютого 2021, 12:04
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Is it possible to play online casinos in the UAE without consequences?
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All forms of gambling in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are illegal. In this case, horse racing and camel racing are accepted without restrictions and are considered traditional forms of entertainment

You can legally watch the races without betting on your favorites, since sports betting in the UAE is also banned. Even in the tourist cities - Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are no legal casinos.

Online gambling in the UAE

Gambling in the UAE is illegal, the restriction also applies to mobile versions of gambling. There are no licensed operators in the country and access to such entertainment, including online poker sites in the UAE, is prohibited. Any player caught playing on such sites can be sentenced to two years in prison. The sanctions also apply to bingo lovers. In addition, the authorities are blocking access to the Internet for users of gambling sites. However, it is reported that many locals gain access to them through proxy servers.

Рубрика "Блоги читачів" є майданчиком вільної журналістики та не модерується редакцією. Користувачі самостійно завантажують свої матеріали на сайт. Редакція не поділяє позицію блогерів та не відповідає за достовірність викладених ними фактів.
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