The essence of online Roulette

28 января 2021, 21:23
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The essence of online Roulette
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The name of the game is translated from French as "little wheel" and actually reflects the mechanism of its action.

After the wheel starts to spin, the dealer throws the ball in the direction opposite to the rotation of this wheel. Finally, it stops and the ball hits one of the cells, then the dealer announces the winning number and other information.

The main goal of the player is to guess the cell in which the ball will fall. Losing bets are usually taken over by the casino, except for those places where the "prison rule" is in effect, when the bet on loss still remains in the game and may even return to its owner.

The winning bets are paid to the players in the form of chips, which are then exchanged for such cute bills. Online Roulette without registration has the same rules as regular roulette, except that the winnings in a special game currency are accumulated on the player's account.
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