The history of the gambling business in Canada - Star Gambling

28 січня 2021, 21:08
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The history of the gambling business in Canada - Star Gambling
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When the discoverers of Canada were exploring the local lands in the 15th century, they discovered that local tribes were playing a variety of gambling games.

These activities carried a great deal of spiritual and mystical significance. Therefore, gambling is far from new to the lands of Canada.

Those same pioneers from England brought with them a longstanding ban on gambling. King Richard III of England banned them completely in 1380, realizing that his soldiers spend too much time gambling.

In 1892, the Canadian Criminal Code once again updated the complete ban. Then the laws gradually began to soften. Bingo and Raffles were allowed in 1900 for charitable purposes. In 1969, the government realized that lotteries could be a profitable business for the government.

The first lottery of its kind was held in 1974 to fund the Montreal Olympics.

Legalization of gambling in Canada

The social changes that took place in the 70s led to the multi-billion dollar growth of the gambling business in Canada. In 1989, the first commercial casino opened in Winnipeg. The second opened its doors in 1993 in Montreal.

Then, on March 15, 1999, the Canadian government in Ottawa legalized gambling and allowed the provinces to earn money on their own for the budget by opening online or offline lotteries and casinos.

The states of Quebec, Manitoba and Nova Scotia passed earlier gambling laws in other provinces.

    Quebec - The relevant laws were passed in 1978. These are two acts: Act respecting the Société des loteries du Québec and Act respecting lotteries, publicity contests, and amusement machines;
    Manitoba - passed the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation Act in 1993 and the Gaming Control Act in 1996;
    Nova Scotia - Adopted the Gaming Control Act in 1995.
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