Yuda Goland

10 вересня 2014, 16:28
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Yuda Goland psevdo diplomat.


During the contacts with the officials of the supreme organ of the central executive authority, representatives of law enforcement system and control system, businessmen and rich men got the information about the possibility of illegal actions which can damage the national security of Israel, which can be done by citizen of Israel Yuda Goland ( 21. 07.1963) born in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. From the file of a pseudo- secret service agent: During his stay in Ukraine he was having a high self-esteem, he thought he is independent in taking decisions. He had a critical alcohol abuse, which made him to lose self-control of himself; he used the services of prostitutes. He supported perverse connections with prostitutes, as a rule, they were coming from the different regions of Ukraine (all of them known); some of them lived at his rented apartments. More than once in dubious companies he was visiting the casino, where he has lost fairly big amounts of money. During the backstage conversation with his connections in Ukraine he was saying, that he is divorced now, he has two children, who live with their mother in USA. From the autobiography of pseudo-diplomat: After the repatriation into Israel

Yuda Goland was serving in one of the most elite unit "ZHAHAL"- "Shaked" (special forces 424). He entered the service in the police in 1993. In autumn 2009 year in the department to combat international crime, he replaced well-known specialist in "russian mafia" Vyacheslav Palatnik, who got the higher rise in other special forces. In April 2010 year Yuda Goland entered the service of qualifying courses of envoys of a State Bureau for Relations with the Russian Jewish Diaspora in the chancellery of a Prime minister of Israel "Lishkat ha - Kesher" ( "Nativ"). Since September 2010 to June 2013 year he was a head of a ukrainian- moldovan infrastructure of "Nativ", which were dislocated in Kiev, and held a rank of a "cover"- Counselor of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine. For a long time "Nativ" was meant to be "an embassy inside the embassy" and it operated almost autonomously from the Ambassador of Israel and a Ministry of a Foreign Affairs of Israel, directly with a chancellery of a Prime- minister. Before this since 2007 to 2010 years , Feliks Mindel was the First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine and a head of a " ukrainian- moldovan"

infrastructure of "Nativ". Unlike to Felix Mendel, who was regularly meeting with the heads of institutions and science - research centers, establishing links in the highest state level, staying in touch with businessmen and rich men ( he transferred connections with some of them to Yuda Goland, see below), YudaGoland undertook activities not in the interests of Israel, they were directed first of all to debt repayment permanent and for personal enrichment. Officially known that exactly Felix Mendel introduced Yuda Goland to the main sponsor of A. Yatsenyuk - ukrainian rich man Leonid Yurushev (in criminal world known as Lyonya Grec), who has a citizenship of Greece, Austria and other countries. Infiltrating into the society of a mentioned billionaire, pseudo-diplomat has forgotten about the intention he was sent into Ukraine and started an immoral life. This way he made easier the work for ukrainian counter-spy. In order to get personal enrichment, Yuda Goland contacted Palestinian D. Kalashew, who permanently lived in Kiev and being in the agential unit of the Security Service of Ukraine. Yuda Golland tried to acquaint mentioned palestinian with Leonid Yurushev, but negotiations failed (the owner of three main hotels in Kiev, Leonid Yurushev, didn't agree to sell

·  drugs from Africa). According to the reliable sources, Yuda Goland was recruited by ukrainian counterespionage on compromising basis, was doing tasks in damage to his country. When he was not needed as a source of the information he was deported from the country of residence with a disgrace (it was the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, when the entry to Ukraine was closed for Israelite)

·  Currently,some of the victims of Judah Goland*s sexual perversions (representatives of one of the oldest profession),are ready to contact the law enforcement authorities of Ukraine and Israel with a claime.


·  To be continued...
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