KyivPost – the newspaper of hate?

31 декабря 2012, 09:56
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KyivPost – the newspaper of hate?

   For more than 10 years I read KyivPost. I read KyivPost even in school and in 2003 I started to read it regularly because our university had a KyivPost box with a fresh issue each week.

   During all these years there were some articles which I didn't like, but the general trend of the newspaper was like its motto – Independence. Community. Trust. I acknowledge that KyivPost is essential for all English-speaking foreigners in Kyiv and it provides necessary information about Kyiv, local specifics, culture and information about Ukraine in general.

   As for me I found interesting articles about business and politics, these materials were really unique and interesting. I remember KyivPost when it was owned by Jed Sunden, during this time there was a huge “Escort” section, but for a while there was also “Community” page which provided information about cultural, religious and other groups, clubs, initiatives. I remember when KyivPost was owned by Mohammad Zahoor, and when (quite recently) it was sold to Michael Willard.

   Many years ago I also read “The Ukrainian Observer” which was owned by Mr.Willard, but then it was closed, so it was probably a failure in a printed media market. I think Mr.Willard as a professional and the owner of PR company understands the importance of KyivPost newspaper for all Kyiv community, that's why the acquisition of it was probably a good decision.

But the last time (since the results of parliamentary elections) KyivPost shows its obsession and bias towards one of the major political parties of Ukraine – Svoboda party. Each issue of KyivPost blames Svoboda, repeats cliches and black PR messages, which are used by the opponents of this party.

This party has almost 20% support in Kyiv, and the future Kyiv elections will probably show even higher percent. This is the fact which you can't disagree. That's why by showing disrespect towards Svoboda – you show disrespect toward the thousands of Kyiv citizens who supported this party. At the 2012 elections I ran as an independent deputy candidate so I voted for myself, but on the party list I voted for Svoboda, because I saw no other alternative. During this campaign I spoke with hundreds of people, many of them did not hide their support and sympathies towards Svoboda. Moreover I know many foreigners who of course can't vote, but who are in favor of this party.

In some of the articles your propagandists were so unprofessional so they mixed not only the rumors, but even the names of the key Svoboda leaders. (Quote: “Yuriy Ilyenko, a young deputy who won a majority constituency in Kyiv against a local political heavyweight” - article “Svoboda tames radicals to get into parliament” by Katya Gorchinskaya, Nov. 22, 2012,

It's a shame to mix the name of one of the major Svoboda's speakers Andriy Illenko with the name of his farther Yuriy, famous Ukrainian film director who died in 2010.

Your articles which are full of Svoboda hatred are insulting thousands of Kyiv citizens and guests of our capital. That's why I suggest you to apologize.

This is not only my position. Many English-speaking friends share my views and they encouraged me to write this letter, because I advised them KyivPost some time in the past.

Also you can look through the comments on your web-site:

#1 Some "bishop" in Schenectady New York is now an expert on "racism" and linguistics in Ukraine...what a joke. And this was used as an Op-ed article? Shame on Kyivpost for continuing to highlight such articles in an almost weekly, if not daily manner.

#2 Hey Paul, thanks for the weekly POR/communist propaganda submission. Svoboda is the only party that supports Ukraine and Ukrainian interests.

(“Anti-Semitism's rise in Ukraine” article, Dec 28, 2012.

In conclusion I have only 1 question: Is this anti-Svoboda attitude the personal position of Mr. Willard or is someone paying for these articles? I understand that Willard's PR company had clients affiliated to the ruling Party of Regions (you can see this information from their web-site) but then all the things which you wrote about free journalism is a nonsense.

I understand that my question will probably remain unanswered.

But if the KyivPost continues this line - I will stop reading, buying, advising your newspaper and will suggest the same actions for everyone. Kyiv citizens (both Ukrainians and foreigners) are not stupid, they can distinguish free journalism and propaganda.

Andriy Voloshyn

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