A hard or soft hand giving 21 points or blackjack is considered complete

19 лютого 2021, 19:00
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A hard or soft hand giving 21 points or blackjack is considered complete
Can you play Blackjack online for real money?

Having served all the players, the dealer dials his own combination (unless there is a bust on all boxes). Unlike you, the dealer is purely automatic.

He is obliged to take cards until the total of points is 17 or more (this also applies to soft combinations like T-6 or T-5-3). As soon as this happens, the dialing stops immediately. If the dealer is bust, you win. Otherwise, he compares his combination with the cards of the players, and reckoning occurs.

If all boxes are bust and the dealer did not have to deal a second card for himself, he removes his only card together with the players' cards into a separate pile of played cards. The dealer's card is not saved for the next deal.

The game is over, the used cards are set aside, the remaining cards are not shuffled, and a new deal begins. If you wish, you can try to remember which cards are out of the game and which are left. A deck shuffle occurs when the dealer reaches a cutting card he has made in advance. It cuts off about a third of the cards participating in the game, i.e. the game is actually played not on 312 cards, but on 200-220. After shuffling the deck, the serif is done again, and a new cycle of hands begins, in casino slang - a new shuffle. We add that entering the game has nothing to do with the beginning of the next cycle (shuffle) and is possible before the start of any deal.
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