Gambling business statistics in Canada - Star Gambling 2021

28 січня 2021, 21:25
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Gambling business statistics in Canada - Star Gambling 2021
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Below is the statistics of gambling establishments in Canada as of 2019-2020.

Zones for bingo - 136. Of these, most of the establishments are located in the province of Ontario - 75.

The total number of casinos in Canada is more than 100. An interesting feature: unlike the USA, there are much fewer Indian tribes involved in casinos. In the United States, legal gambling can only be conducted on Indian reservations or floating casinos.

Canada solves this issue easier. Therefore, the Indians run fewer casinos here. For example, there are only 17 casinos in British Columbia, of which only one is on the Indian Reservation. Most casinos are located in the province of Alberta - 24 establishments.

Canada distinguishes a separate category of gambling establishments - the so-called Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) establishments. This includes, for example, bars, lounges with interactive terminals, halls with bingo and slots. Most of these establishments are located in Quebec - 1854 such points. It should be noted that the vast majority of EGM establishments are bars.

There are establishments that provide e-keno. The Province of British Columbia boasts the largest number of such points - 3633.

Most horse tracks are located in Ontario - 87 establishments. Of them:
  •     66 TV theaters;
  •     17 large tracks;
  •     4 small.

Lottery locations are most common in Ontario, with 9,820 locations where lottery tickets can be purchased. Quebec is not far behind it - 8524 points. Outlets with lottery tickets are the most common in Canada. They are found in every province, even those with the strictest laws.

Most places where you can play poker are in the province of British Columbia. There are 17 poker rooms there.

Strictly sports betting establishments are found only in Ontario - two points. The rest of the provinces do not have them at all.
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