YOUR AVERAGE WINNING on Best online Blackjack

22 лютого 2021, 16:43
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YOUR AVERAGE WINNING on Best online Blackjack
How do I increase my chances of winning best online Blackjack?

So, within the framework of the uniformity hypothesis, we have obtained the optimal game strategy. What does it bring to the player? Can you expect to win?

Analysis shows that with a basic strategy, you can really hope to win. Your average winnings are 0.09% of your original bet. In other words, for every $ 100 wagered, you will, on average, win 9 cents.

As we promised at the beginning of this book, blackjack is a fair and fair game for the strong player. The casino has no mathematical superiority here. Moreover, you can increase your chances if you become a counter at least a little bit. But more on that later.

Of course, 0.09% is a very, very average figure. But if you wish, you can predict the result of each particular hand, if you use tables 10, 11. They show the expected winnings of the player (positive or negative) depending on the initial two cards and the dealer's initial card. By the way, from these tables you can get exact data about the relative strength of one or another dealer's card (we wrote about this before).

But the most important question comes down to the following. The uniformity hypothesis that we have followed so far only works when the deck to play contains an infinite number of ordinary 52-card decks. All this is rather abstract - as you know, blackjack is played with six decks. What happens if we go from infinity to the prosaic number 6?

The answer is, thankfully, encouraging. It turns out that there is such an interesting fact: the fewer decks in the game, the higher the player's chances. Our computer simulations show that when you play six decks, your average winnings increase by about 0.1%. Therefore, in real life, instead of 0.09%, you will have about 0.2%.

But please don't forget: we are only talking about the average payoff. And everything averaged becomes a reality only in the long term.
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