Pavlo Khazan appeals to the Governments and Parliaments of democratic countries

9 ноября 2015, 17:54
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I appeal to the representatives of the governments and parliaments of democratic countries: turn your attention to the events in Ukraine.

"I am Pavlo Khazan, the Chairman of the National Defense Foundation.

The National Defense Foundation was created in the beginning of war. With charitable aid of people and businesses we made it possible to stop the enemy and provide volunteer battalions and units of Armed Forces of Ukraine all that was needed to fight the aggressor.

Under the supervision of the Foundation the Separate Special Communications Unit was created to deploy secure communications in the ATO zone. SSCU takes part in the anti-terroristic operation in the framework of Civil-Military Cooperation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Foundation has been providing aid to hospitals, we have organized "Soldiers Waiting Room" at Dnipropetrovsk train station, we provide military units with first aid kits and conduct tactical medicine training. Not only we help the army, but we are also much involved in promoting defense of our country.

On October 31 terrible events took place. Armed special operation forces broke into the homes of volunteers and office of the National Defense Foundation. They broke doors, scared people and behaved arrogantly and cynically. Humiliating searches were held in homes of my sister and volunteer of the Foundation Natalia Khazan, a famous volunteer Iryna Kashlevska, deputy chairman of the Foundation Oleksii Angurets, member of the Supervisory Board Gennadiy Korban and in my apartment.

Those were not regular searches but impudent invasions. They took all of my home IT equipment, my personal belongings, the personal items of the members of my family and money that my family saved for medical operation to save my sight. I am losing sight because of injury, which occurred at Maidan after firing of tear gas.

I am wondering what did I fight for at Maidan? What humanistic values ​​did we stand for? What did our soldiers die for? Why did thousands of our activists had to suffer? The government of Yanukovych fought against active citizens and public leaders. And whom is today's government fighting against? Against volunteers, volunteer battalions and soldiers who defend the country?

I appeal to the representatives of the governments and parliaments of democratic countries: turn your attention to the events in Ukraine. Is this the democracy that we want to build in Europe? Do the events in Ukraine conform to the European or American provisions of law?

I appeal to you with the request to help civil society and volunteers, the people who did not let the enemy occupy the whole territory of Ukraine and go further to Western Europe.

We really need your help," emphasizes Pavlo Khazan, civil activist, commander of Separate Special Communications Unit, expert on national security and state-building in his address.

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