Rating of TOP 5 casinos with the fastest withdrawal of money 2021

17 березня 2021, 11:21
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Rating of TOP 5 casinos with the fastest withdrawal of money 2021
All top rated online casinos are licensed and work honestly, and quickly withdraw money to play

Hello everyone! If you came to this article, then you are interested in online casinos where money is quickly withdrawn, so today for you, our TOP 5 casinos with quick withdrawal.

In addition to the quick withdrawal, all playgrounds take the highest positions in terms of player reviews.

When we started compiling the rating, we also took into account the popularity of the site, the number of players, withdrawal limits and bonus policy.

Our rating criteria:

  1. Number of games.
  2. Quick withdrawal of money.
  3. Large payout limit.
  4. System of bonuses and statuses.
  5. Popularity

Well, now let's proceed to the review and see which online casinos are in our TOP.

On the 5th place is a casino that has been working on the Internet for a long time, by the way - this is the very first licensed casino that I managed to play and it is called Casino-X.

Review of online casino X

A popular casino in which not only residents of the Germany can play, but also players from Ukraine, as well as Kazakhstan and other countries of the former USSR.

On the official site of Casino X, entertainment from 44 providers is available for players: slots, online roulettes and other Live games, there are tabletops and TV, you can also place bets on sports.

Withdrawal speed and limits at casino X

After the player wins money and puts it on withdrawal, the payout time will be 15-30 minutes.

The limit in X, by the standards of most casinos, is very, very decent. For 1 day, a player can get $ 100 thousand to his account, if the game is played in rubles, then the limit will be 7-8 million, depending on the dollar exchange rate.

Bonuses at casino X

Any newbie who comes to play at this online casino will receive a great bonus package. But, alas, there is no zero deposit here and there is nothing you can do about it.

For the first replenishment, the player is given 200% + another 200FS, although they are issued at 20 per day.

There is a bonus for subsequent replenishment, and you can also use the offers of managers (they often come to the bump).

Cashback - 10%, given on the 1st of every month, it's just a pity that to get it you need to make a 50% top-up of the amount of the refund.

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