Roulette for money vs free

11 березня 2021, 15:50
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Roulette for money vs free
How Roulette for Real Money works and why we love it?

Well, in general, the situation is quite contradictory. It is often beginners who are looking for free roulette for fear of risking their personal money and trying to test their strategies and tactics

The idea is correct, but there is one BUT - free roulette will never teach you how to play for money. And experienced online casino customers will confirm this. Playing without investing hard earned money, there is no feeling of excitement, risk and other exciting emotions. For this reason, you can practice as much as you like on demo roulette and get confused on the first spin for money.

The second point is that both when losing and winning, the player experiences an emotional "shift" that affects decision-making during the game. It is this shift that often leads to big losses and deviations from the original roulette strategy. It is impossible to learn to control yourself and your emotions by playing for free, since these very real emotions simply do not exist.

But be that as it may, there are situations when even experienced roulette players play online roulette for free. This is a test of the new version of the game. Here you learned about the new launch, here you read the review, but in order to play for money, it is logical to test the interface for convenience before making a deposit. It happens that the speed of the game does not suit you or the table cannot be adjusted for yourself, and the free roulette is an excellent opportunity to abandon the game even before making a deposit.

In any case, it's up to you to make the decision. We collect games in this section, we do not ask for money for access to it. All roulettes presented here can be found in the casinos, which are indicated in the reviews, and if you like some version, you know where to find it.

A short instruction on the materials of the section

Each article contains an overview of roulette in terms of functionality, options and opportunities for the player, plus a built-in free game directly from the casino or developer's website. That is, this is not a homemade copy, but the original, but for conditional chips. If you go to a casino, you can play it there for money.

Game progress

    Select the chip denomination by clicking on it.

    Select the fields and numbers in which you will put and click on them. One click - one placed chip of the selected denomination.

    Press the "Spin" or "Spin" button, which will start the wheel.

    At the end of the spin of the wheel, the dropped ball will determine the winning number and payments will be made.

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