Blackjack Basic strategy: Cards combination

19 лютого 2021, 18:17
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Blackjack Basic strategy: Cards combination
How much should you bet in Blackjack basic strat?

Apart from the set of cards, you have several interesting possibilities. We'll look at them a bit later, but for now we'll focus on additional maps.

If the two original cards do not suit you, you ask the dealer to show another one. After evaluating the resulting combination, you can ask for a new card, etc. In the end, either you stop, or the case ends in brute force, and the dealer immediately takes your bet. When drawing cards, you must remember about the "duplicity" of aces.

Having received a three and an ace, you have 14 or 4 points. Let's say you draw a new card, and it's an ace again. Now you have either 15 or 5 points (but not 25!). You can safely ask for one more card: you are insured against busting.

Regardless of the number of aces received, the sum of points can have no more than two values. If the amount is really double-digit, the combination is called soft, otherwise - hard. A combination with one or more aces may well turn out to be tough: for example, the combination T-T-4-6 brings exactly 12 points.
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