Blackjack card counting for beginners

05 лютого 2021, 15:06
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Blackjack card counting for beginners
How do you Blackjack card counting for beginners?

The game involves six ordinary 52-card decks from two to ace, i.e. 312 cards forming a "big deck".


The dealer deals cards from a special device - a box called a sabo or shoe (both words in French and English mean: shoe, block).


Kings, queens, jacks and tens are worth 10 points. All these cards are equivalent and are called tens for simplicity. Aces are counted as 11 points or 1 point at the player's request. The rest of the cards are assigned according to their rank (two - 2 points, eight - 8 points, etc.). The suits of the cards do not matter.


The goal of the game is to collect cards with the sum of points as close as possible to 21.

21 is the maximum, busting immediately leads to defeat. The higher the amount of points, the higher the value of the collected cards. However, one clarification is necessary: ​​an ace and a ten are called blackjack and are considered the most significant combination. In terms of value, it surpasses any other cards that make up 21 points.

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