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Some the issue of the day of socially-psychological orientation is examined in organization of safe vital functions of children Krivoy Rog and ways of their decision.

Examining the problems of education in the conditions of permanent development of modern society, it is impossible not to affect socially - psychological problems of safe vital functions of rising generation in our country (in particular in our place).

Except for the modern civilization and scientific and technical progress, on a child excessive tension influences because of collision with unforeseen factors. In the last few years such phenomena, as demographic crisis, destruction of institute of family, growth of level of the so-called "social orphanhood" at living parents, entered in our public way of life. In connection with the acceleration of rate life and by the increase of responsibility growing psychological tension; adaptive reactions predetermine multiplying the expenses of vitamins and microelements which finally tailings results in their deficit. All of it is removed on a health people, on the demographic state of affairs of population of city.

Today Krivoy Rog is occupied by not only the first place among the countries of the CIS on the amount of the harmful emissions per capita but also am a record-holder on the negative indexes of health. General morbidity for the last 5 years grew in 5,4 times. First seats are taken by illnesses of organs breathing, systems of circulation of blood and digestion, complication of pregnancy and births. Most anxiety will be caused by the fact of growth of amount of malignant new formations. For example, if at the end of 80th years on 100 thousands the population of Ukraine was registered 250 patients on a cancer, in Krivoy Rog - 324. Strike the rates of growth of this disease: if on the last years of existence of Soviet Union frequency of cancer of lights growing on 38%, on Ukraine - on 33%, after Krivoy Rog - on 85%!

A serious anxiety will be caused by the state of health of schoolboys of city and children of preschool age, because per every mil of children 1600-1700 diseases are registered. To 70% diseases of children make lungs pathology. For the last 8-10 years substantially became more frequent chronic pathology of overhead respiratory tracts, and also metabolic disturbance and immune deficiency disease.

The level of criminality increases threatening rates, in particular case young people and juvenile, alcoholism, prostitution and drug dependence, displays of aggressiveness and drawing to suicide. All of it presents a serious public threat.

From data of statistics on 2012, in Krivoy Rog 100 thousands of minor are counted higher. For implementation of the Complex program of prophylaxis of criminality on 2009-2012  a management and departments of formation of executive committees of city and district soviets was conduct work, directed on warning of accomplishing of criminal acts, vagrancies among schoolboys and teenagers.

For 12 months of 2011 on a city 92 students of general educational establishments are commit 50 crimes. As compared to 2010 there is an amount of students, committing crimes, diminished on 6,5 %, and crimes on 5 %.

If to appeal individually to consisting of every district, amount of students which committed crimes and amount of crimes accordingly will look thus: Dzerzhinsk is a district-18\13; Dovgintsevskiy -6\5;Oktyabrskiy-10\7;Ynguletskiy-20\17;Saksaganskiy-2\2;Ternavskiy-16\9;Centralnogorodskoy-14\12.

In IX quarter of 2011 accomplished 12 students of schools of city 16 crimes after such articles - 186(October district -1 crime); 185 - Dzerzhinsk - 1, October - 3, Ternovskiy - 2; 187 it is Dzerzhinsk - 2, Ternovskiy - 1, item 289 is Dzerzhinsk - 2, October - 1, Ternovskiy - 1; 115- Ternovskiy are 2 crimes.

Therefore the acquaintance of teenagers with the basic laws of criminal code of Ukraine must become one of main tasks of school because not knowledge of laws schoolboys do not release them from responsibility before Law.

The obvious is become by a public awareness that reasons of all these confusions are covered not so much in a financial structure how many in a spiritual sphere in human consciousness.

The scientific practical  decision of these problems is related to forming of new complex scientific direction is ecology of human, which develops the long-term prognoses of the state health of population and measures what strategically can  provide saving and strengthening of health of people of both present and future generations.

The health of child is determined the complex of associate factors: by heredity, quality of environment, and way of life. Therefore forming of healthy way of life for children and young people of Krivoy Rog, education in them of the valued attitude toward the health can be examined as one of the most effective ways of decision of problem of saving of health of nation.

In understanding of teenagers to become adults to  need the awareness of own independence in all types of activity (cognitive, labor, play, sport, etc.) and all types of intercourse (with junior students, adults, persons of the same the age, parents, friends at the place of residence, with schoolboys in formal and informal associations).

Independence, as is generally known, has a display in that, that in this age-old period consciousness is intensively formed for teenagers and they begin convincingly to prove the "rightness of the ideas, judgments, ideals, aspirations, etc. Exactly for teenagers interest rises to itself, to the "me". Existent prohibitions to his conduct, a teenager already does not arrange. For this reason, I. D. Bekh underlines: “He is offended and comes in indignation, if with him behave, as with little... Former relationships it is already dissatisfied with the adults of him. He wants to see respect to himself, a trust from the side of adult, equal relation, hopes granted on autonomy for him” [1, p.121]. Unfortunately, adults not always see new in conduct teenagers that in them appeared and do not change the attitude toward them.

As teenagers, as a rule, are evened on adults, their adultness can be formed in general with by the adults of work, on employments, on collective businesses of commons, etc.

Therefore I. Bekh justly passes remark, that a teenager «waits a help and support from adult, but does not want openly it to acknowledge» [1, p. 122]. Nevertheless adults (in particular case educators, teachers) must see, understand and perceive internal positions of teenagers.

The collaboration of adults and teenagers can put a teacher in position of comrade, but different from the "comrade -person of the same the age ". On the view of scientist, slogan the "Adult comrade alongside" is the major condition of safe social vital functions of teenager.

Communication is a social environment in which can the most effectively form lines of personality of teenager. We deemed it wise to spare the special attention a problem of intercourse of teenagers at schools, as it is impossible to disagree with a mental look And. Bekha: «Teenager inherent uncontrollable urge to communicate, to the collective, to the general activities with friends. This commitment is important to be harnessed and the role of the flock can take over the adult [1, p.123].

We have identified some of the provisions concerning the organization of educational work with teenagers who positively (or negatively) affect the formation of the individual young person in their life:

1. Adults (parents and teachers) in most cases "run into negativism of teenagers", as the last "experience difficulty of forming of human dignity pretty sharply". As a result: "Ununderstanding is a typical picture of mutual relations of adults and teenagers".

2. Personal communication is the leading teenage age.

3. Educational and professional activities in adolescents as a lead.

4. Dependence on elders pretty often passes to the personality line which has the name "dependence". For this reason both a high intellect and bad self-understanding “can coexist in one personality...”

5. The main indicator of mental development of adolescents is the level of his consciousness and identity, which allows him to plan their future livelihoods.

6. Awareness of young people the importance of such personality traits as "responsibility", which is also one of the main parameters of the individual and the exponent of its maturity. The lack of quality leads to the absence of such ability as the ability to feel guilt and they own inability to critically perceive themselves.

7. In juvenile age before the pupils "opens the whole complexity of the environment, social life ". Lack of life experience of adolescents complicates the ability to see the formation of "inner world" of human and therefore they perceive another simplistic, according to his views.

8. Teenager is able to understand value of the actions in 14 years, that means to understand content of own conduct, foresee it results, estimate the conduct and manage it.

9. If independence of teenagers is depressed, they easily are under negative influence and they can "make crimes, or be their victims".

Thus, working out higher adopted problems, there must be a search of more adequate requirements of modern life of ways and forms of organization of safe vital functions of the young generation. It is one of most the issue of the todays.


1. Bekh I. D. Education of personality: In 2 b. Book 2: Personally the oriented approach: scientific and practical basis. - К.: Lybed, 2008.- 344с.


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