Address to Pope Francis

03 травня 2023, 09:50
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Address to Pope Francis

Pope Francis



Dear Mr. Pope Francis!


The Ukrainian Civil Society, represented by the largest public organizations in Ukraine, uniting about 4.5 thousand public organizations and parties of our country, the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations "Narodnaya Rada" of Ukraine, appeals to you with a request and proposal to register, together with the Vatican with your personal participation, as the future Nobel Peace Prize winner, already registered in Ukraine, by me and my first deputy of the Council for Global Security, Cooperation and Peace Development.


Dear Mr. Pope Francis! We personally appeal to you with a great request to support the creation and registration of this international public organization on the territory of the Vatican with the headquarters located on the territory of Ukraine, as it was bequeathed by the greatest American philosopher and political scientist, Mr. Samuel Huntington, who many decades ago predicted and left how testament, for the entire world community, the creation, in fact, of a world government on the territory of just such a country as Ukraine. Exactly the same proposal and exactly the same efforts to create a world parliament (that is, a world government) in Ukraine was made and made attempts to implement this idea by the well-known Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin.


Ukraine has always been one of the most economically and intellectually developed republics of the former Soviet Union. After the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine had the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world, was the 4th country in Europe in terms of economic development. Of course, the erroneous and sometimes voluntaristic policy of the former Ukrainian leadership led the country to unprecedented degradation and the loss of nuclear weapons.


Although it should be noted that Ukraine is the only country in the world that voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons in order to ease tensions around the world. Despite the difficult history of our country, and especially the tragedy of the last year, which is associated with the invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine and, in fact, the self-destruction of people connected not only historically, but also by direct family ties, Ukraine, thanks to the support of the democratic states of Europe and first of all, the Vatican, continues to heroically defend its land and defenseless Ukrainian mothers, children, the elderly and the elderly, who have already experienced in their lives the horrors of the Second World War, the total destruction of the civilian population and the unprecedented scale of the Holocaust.


And even despite the very difficult social, material, moral and psychological state of our people, we are firmly convinced that the future of the world is not based on the principles of waging wars of conquest and other types of territorial expansion, like "color" revolutions.


I personally calculated the economic feasibility of developing the world not along the path of wars and the seizure of foreign territories (whatever these technologies might be).


I am deeply convinced, once again, on the basis of economic and social calculations, that for all countries of the world, even such highly developed ones as the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, China, Israel and other countries of the world, there is only one most effective and expedient way of development - this is the creation of a well-balanced, with deep specialization and with broad interconnected cooperation between all countries of the world, in solving global issues that concern not only the accumulation of funds and resources, but also the receipt of new inexhaustible energy sources automatically self-renewing, production more physiological and useful for each person of organic products of the agro-industrial sector, a deeper study of the nature of the person himself through the knowledge of the molecular genetic principle of birth, life and death of any inhabitant of the planet.


  The joint work of the most developed countries of the world today can give an absolutely fantastic result (which I have thought over many times), which will allow humanity to treat people to a much lesser extent with chemical and pharmaceutical preparations. It is the molecular genetic approach that already today allows us to treat the most serious diseases of mankind, such as cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke), any viral or immunodeficiency diseases such as coronovirus and other diseases.


In addition, the most important thing is that the deep cooperation and cooperation of scientists and physicians from all the most developed countries of the world, without any exaggeration, can already today extend the life of any person by at least 150 to 200 years of life, although I personally, as a doctor and candidate of medical sciences with an undefended doctoral dissertation specifically on immunological and molecular genetic technologies for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, the results of observations and studies allow us to say that (which may sound fantastic), but I can already say today that under certain circumstances a person can live unlimited number of years. Of course, thanks to external medical intervention in the work of his molecular genetic apparatus, which works on the principles of feedback, supporting which we can make a person's life almost endless.


And I also believe that life extension should be available only to those people who have made any significant contribution to the life of mankind, and therefore these people have the right to life extension in direct proportion to the significance of their contribution to the development of the world community and our civilization.


Joint cooperation and cooperation allows developing the most efficient sectors of the economy in each individual country. At the same time, the results of fruitful interaction between countries will bring much greater income for all these states taken together and for each state separately. The incomes of those countries that are trying to enrich themselves through military intervention or the seizure of foreign territories, other socio-psychological technologies, such as "color" revolutions, will be much smaller and will eventually lead to the degradation of these states.


Thus, the joint work of different countries of the world in the development of aircraft and rocket science, energy, organic agriculture, in the field of increasing the life expectancy of the most prominent people, as well as the exploration of outer space and the possible creation or discovery of new exoplanets suitable for life and human development communities is a realistic, achievable goal.


 All this is absolutely possible, provided that all countries of the world, in the course of peaceful, friendly negotiations, jointly determine and legislate, for each country of the world, the main most natural, environmentally and economically sound activities in which industrial, economic and socio-physiological , as well as the material (monetary) development of each country becomes the most effective and much more profitable than development through military or other expansion.


At the same time, countries should also legislate deep economic, social and cultural cooperation and integration between all states of the planet, which will optimize and make the most rational process of mutual trade, use of natural resources, exchange of cultural, social and legal knowledge and experience. This will make countries more friendly and interconnected. At the same time, any mutual conflicts are not possible for the reason that any wars will inevitably lead to deep material and socio-economic losses.


Dear Mr. Pope Francis! In this letter, I outlined only the conceptual principles of deep specialization and cooperation between the most developed, major countries of the world, the use of which will allow all mankind, including the United States, to use their most powerful and promising natural, intellectual, technological and other advantages compared to others. countries of the world, as a result of which the United States will become an even richer, healthier and happier civilization-state.


I ask you to set a date for a meeting with you, and with your blessing, I am ready to personally visit the Vatican to discuss with you the further procedure for creating a “Council for Global Security, Cooperation and Peace Development”, which will allow stopping the war in Ukraine and fruitfully developing the entire world community.


With deep respect and gratitude,

sincerely your fan


Chairman of the All-Union

Public Organization "Narodnaya Rada" of Ukraine,

Academician and First Vice President

Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine,

Doctor of Economic Sciences,

Candidate of Medical Sciences 

 A.V. Peshko

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