Фото ночного неба..

25 января 2011, 12:21
Цар, ватажок народів

..Есть желание прослушать мастер-класс по сьемке ночного неба... Но нету такой возможности! И техники для съемки тоже нет! Гляньте как это бывает = (Посвящается всем блоггерским Татьянам в день Ангела!) :)

Aurora Borealis

Фотограф - Arild Heitmann

Canon 5d 17-40mmL 126 sec f/4 17mm iso 800

It`s impossible for people who have never seen a full blown explosion of the northern lights to fully understand the intensity and extreme beauty that this thing capable of...

In this one i basically kept things as they were in camera with regards to colours and such.

I was standing in the middle of this river...yes right in the middle of it. Miles away from people and other distractions. I was waiting...armed and ready. Things were quiet. The aurora was constantly present, but too weak for me to bother shooting. Within seconds things changed. A green pulse exploded in the sky..the dark landscape suddenly turned significantly brighter and my heart started beating like crazy. I exposed for about 30 seconds before removing the black card that covered the sky and then let the sky expose for another 15 seconds. The aurora moved insanely fast across the sky. If you look at the frame, it moved from the upper left corner to the right corner within a second. Sick stuff...

Is it this green, you may wonder? Yes it certainly IS this green! The activity was extreme for a minute. I`m just happy i was in this amazing location..armed and ready for such a show.

During the action my gloves fell in the river and when i recovered them they froze to two solid iceblock within a few minutes :-)

Hope you like this little contribution... (Не перевожу, и так ясно! :):))


Riverdance by ~uberfischer

This is a 30 second exposure at iso 400. Thats a longer exposure than i normally prefer, a couple of other shots from this night was only exposed for 2 seconds. But i wanted a smoother image with the aurora floating out more on this one. When i got home i could see, to my surprise, that the aurora was quite steady and detailed even on this long exposure. The 30 seconds also brought out the purples a lot more. I took some shorter exposures of the same scene with higher iso settings, but they didnt come out as good as this one...

Canon 5d & 17-40mmL 20mm f/4 iso 400 30 sec

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