James: back problems have been excited for a few weeks

17 марта 2014, 06:01
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James: back problems have been excited for a few weeks

Trapped in back injury, James palyed normally today, but Wade played outstanding, the Heat still beat the Clippers at home.

James Wade praised the performance after the game, "Wade particularly good tonight."cheap jerseys china 

James said that his back problem has existed for a few weeks time, James does not preclude future might miss  nfl jerseys from china
 the game because of a back injury.

"If I'm under the bed, you can not show yourself," James said, "If I can not provide enough help to the team, then I will not play, but (tonight) is not so bad that I can not provide assistance to the team . "

"I did all the things that make their return to their original state," James said he has a history of back spasms, "I have paid attention to it. The good news is that this is not the first time I have back problems, so I'll be fine . "

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