Ukraine require Ukrainian Facebook administration

24 сентября 2011, 17:45

Україна вимагає української Facebook адміністрації.

Letter to Facebook Head Office.

We, Ukrainian Community on Facebook, are forced to write you this letter about the emergency that has been taking place due to a careless administration of the Russian Regional Representatives in the Ukrainian Facebook segment.

Recently, blocking a lot of popular and active users in the Ukrainian Community has become a common and usual thing. Our requests for support to set out these issues, our request for explanations of reasons of blocking are constantly ingnored, or - if considered - considered for a very long time and with no proper attention.

Also, there has been noticed that the requests for support are required to be written only in Russian otherwise they will not be taken to consideration at all. This, in our opinion, is unacceptable and unethical: many Ukrainians do not know Russian. The users with unique and authentic Ukrainian surnames are suspected in submitting false information about them and for this fake reason are blocked.

The accounts of Ukrainian public activists who do not agree with the politics of the current Ukrainian Authorities (opposition suppress, breaking human rights, etc), and who stand on their position are deleted.

All this makes the Ukrainian users come down with strong discontent and protests. Lots of communities are created to support the blocked friends and hot discussions how to avoid these problems never stop. The information about these scandals becomes public through the Mass Media (newspapers and TV), causes negative reaction in the society for possible censorship in the Internet. No doubt, all this does not input anything good to the image and reputation of one of the best, most popular and mostly wide spread social networks in the world.

On account of language and mental obstacles the Regional Administration of the Social Network in Russia is totally unable to understand Ukrainian users, since this Administration is in Russia, the country the foreign policy of which towards our country is very cold, daresay - hostile.

Besides, the political situation in our country is very complicated: Ukraine makes her difficult way to democracy. The amount of false accounts with the only aim - various political propaganda and political lies about the opposition has increased very much lately. Internet trolls and spammers paid by political technologists work as political killers of all who stand on public and human rights position and defend their views. But as for these cases - the Russian Regional Administration does definitely nothing to stop them. To our strong belief the responsible representatives connive at it and unofficially aprove it, because - as was said above - Russian foreign policy towards Ukraine is very hostile.

Taking into account everything said above, we, Ukrainian Community on Facebook, are forced to claim from you to consider a creation of a Regional Administration of the Social Network in Ukraine, which could quickly and effectively work to provide technical support and consult Ukrainian Facebook users. This also would help a lot to Ukrainian advertisers, for many Ukrainian businessmen are very interested in having more productive and effective business with Facebook.

A very important thing in favor of our proposal is that the amount of users in the Ukrainian segment on Facebook has almost doubled for the last year and now goes up to 1.5 million. For example, the Azerbaijanian segment has about 0.5 million users, but the possibility to create their own Administration is being negotiated.

We believe that you should consider our proposal in as short term as you can,
because the situation becomes the more and more difficult and incandescent day after day. We do not believe that the Facebook Administration is going to connive at the Russian authoritarism that they practice and spread and induce where ever they reach key positions. We want the world to know at last now and forever: the Ukrainians and Russians are two absolutely different peoples. As different as the French and Germans; as the Iraqui and Irani. Please, understand this.

Similar to the citizens of the United States we strongly believe in democratic values and we are sure that this letter will not be ignored by the Facebook Administration.

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