Serge Medyanik, the candidate for deputies: It's time to crawl out of the mud

4 ноября 2013, 08:32
Serge Medyanik, the candidate for deputies: It s time to crawl out of the mud

Do you need changes? And who will provide them? Perhaps it’s we are with you! Where is nicer to live: in a shack or sleazy in the bright and cozy three-story brick house?

I think that each of us will choose the second option.

So let us together build a strong and prosperous Ukraine. And bring the joy, happiness and prosperity at home!

Today Ukraine has more than 12 million apartments that have no heating.

Of course, they receive centralized heat, but what quality?

All we know: we must wait the heating until October 15, when we freeze in the cold kidneys, and then, as a bonus, central heating is turned off in April, when it is so cold that people die during 3 hours.

While the heat comes from the heating station to us in our apartment, warm water flows into the ground by 60% due to the fact that the pipes are extremely rusted, in our apartments are always 60% cooler than you need.

There is a question: for what we pay?

Do you know that the central heating will increased of 800 USD by the end of 2013 for the cubic meter (it’s 20%)?

And by the end of February the central heating will also increased of 800 USD. (15%), in February we will pay for heating by 35% more than today.

I ask you: are you need this?

Should we pull this slave burden?

The question is: who is guilty?

And we are all guilty, along with you!

Why do we silently watch as over the years they laugh over us, icing in our homes?

What is the solution? Set the heating in an apartment. Then you can:

1. To control quality the heating. The heat will be distributed evenly in an apartment and not as now - in one room as in the sauna, and the second as in the freezer.

2. To regulate the temperature in your apartment.

3. To control effectively the flow of gas or electricity.

4. Do not pay the "left" money, namely for the preparation of the heating season, the counter, blowing off the systems, service pipes, through which the water comes from the heating station. You will pay only for what is used for heating.

5. To manage and control the heating in your home using the Internet and telephone.

Do you know what I offer you? Comfort, service and warmth!

But there is one thing. Businessmen having heating stations, pushed through a decision of the Cabinet and Parliament a total ban on self-heating in our homes.

The government wants to penalize and make independent heating dismantle those already found to back connected to the central heating.

That is, these businesses want more than 7 million apartment again became their clients, but they stubbornly do not want to provide quality services and to collect "cash" in his pocket for beautiful eyes.

Let’s remember the whole 2013. What was happened in Kyiv?

The whole city was pitted, as if someone was trying to dig trenches as in war.

And the most striking thing is that those who dug these pits, justified that the heating system is repaired. But all we had seen - no one repaired, and they dug and dug.

We see hundreds of dug wells until now, all over Kyiv. For what it is done? And I'll tell you: it was blackmail, it was a whip to show who's the boss.

By the way, it was spent from our taxes - ₴ 400 million in Kyiv to prepare for the winter season 2013/14.

Now let's count how many apartments can provide independent heating, assuming the following rates: independent heating system installation costs ₴ 25 000 in a standard two-bedroom apartment.

Have you counted? We can bring comfort and genuine warmth up to 16 thousand apartments at the price of ₴400.

There are 1,482 apartment buildings in Shevchenko district of Kyiv.

We could solve the problem of free heating once the whole area for the money that went to patch up holes in the pipes.

Kyiv would be warm and cozy.

A similar situation is happening in Ukraine.

Now you know what happens.

We all know that according to Art. 8 Constitution of Ukraine recognized and effective rule of law.

The Constitution of Ukraine has the highest legal force.

Laws and other normative are the legal acts adopted on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine and shall conform to it.

The norms of the Constitution of Ukraine are norms of direct effect.

That is, if the laws or regulations of the Supreme Council or Cabinet decisions which do not give the right to freedom of choice, and we knew that we were forced to use only central heating, not allowing freedom of choice in such cases is the norm of Art. 22 of the Constitution of Ukraine: the constitutional rights and freedoms are guaranteed and can not be canceled.

Laws shall not be diminished content and scope of existing rights and freedoms with the adoption of new laws or amending existing.

What is written here?

And that is the choice of which to use heating , despite the fact that today unconstitutional laws prohibit heating.

We also need to know that Art. 30 of the Constitution of Ukraine says everyone is guaranteed the inviolability of the home .

Not allowed entry into a dwelling or other property of the persons conducting the examination or searched except by a reasoned judgment.

I have a question for you: Have you seen the ruling of entry into your home any official to verify that it is in your home should be a central heating?

And there is an interesting art. 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine : no one shall be subjected to interference with his privacy, family , except in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine.

Do you think that imposing central heating - this interference in private and family life?

And in art. 41 of the Constitution of Ukraine is such a rule : everyone has the right to own, use and dispose of their property.

What do you think forbidding you to select which heat you can have in an apartment? Have you left the right to manage their property?

But our main law - Art. 47 of the Constitution of Ukraine : everyone has the right to housing.

The State creates conditions under which each citizen to build , purchase the property or rent.

No one can be forcibly deprived of housing other than on the basis of the law by the court.

Article . 48 of the Constitution of Ukraine : everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing.

As you such an article? Now you understand that the state has created you provided force attracting into your home central heating.

The turn teach trump - art. 58 Constitution of Ukraine, laws and other normative - legal acts have no retroactive effect , unless they mitigate or annul the responsibility of the individual.

One can not be responsible for acts that, at the time it was committed, not recognized by law as an offense. Do you understand?

Today's ban on independent heating - illegal, but an attempt to fine those already established independent heating, double has no legal force.

What is the way out of this hellish circle?

I would like to offer you and choose and decide who you, of course, up to you.

Article. 40 of the Constitution of Ukraine states: Everyone has the right to file individual or collective petitions, or to personally appeal to the state government, local government, which shall consider the appeal and give a reasoned reply within the prescribed statutory period.

That is, each of us has a choice: remain silent and to live in a shack or to decide their own destiny.

We need action to break the silence, namely:

1. Organize public movement "For a comfortable accommodation".

2. Install our homes heating.

3. Take legal action against unlawful actions by the heat generating companies rejection of central heating.

4. Change legislation of Ukraine, that all were able to heat the apartment as he wants, but not how to do it cause pocketing whip.

I am Sergei Medianik. And I appeal to you with a proposal to create a "Pro Comfortable Housing " to organize and take action.

For this I run in Ukraine MPs to influence the legislation to this shameful and terrible problem - cold in our apartments.

My sincere desire - it is comfort and high service life in our homes.

Please contact me with ideas, suggestions, curses and threats by phone: (044) 362 9011, and you can find me in the social networks.

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