Spin the reel and place your bets at Star Gambling

5 февраля 2021, 14:29
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Spin the reel and place your bets at Star Gambling
Our free European casino roulette games require no sign-up or download.

Roulette Games For those who do not even want to part with their virtual life, we offer the classic version of the online roulette game.

Sit down at the game table with a layout, place your bets and hold your breath while the dealer spins the drum and the ball searches for its cell, jumping from number to number.

The two most common roulette options are:

  •     American
  •     European, sometimes referred to as French

Roulette games can also be of the following varieties:

  •     Wheel of Fortune
  •     Hawk
  •     Boule
  •     Petit shvo

Roulette games Unlike European roulette, where there is only one "0" on the wheel - zero, in American roulette there are two of them - zero, double-zero. In the 90s, there were Russian mechanical roulettes with three zeros.

There is a significant difference in the chips as well. If the American version provides for their coloring in different colors depending on the cost and belonging to a particular table, then in the European version there is no such color. Another difference lies in the size of the tables - the European one is much larger than the American one. And if in the European roulette the croupier uses a special tool to distribute the winnings and collect chips, in the American version the collection is done by hand.

Online versions of roulette have retained the spirit of a real game - the halls have pleasant dim lights, the tables are covered with green cloth. Bets are placed according to the rules and winnings are distributed in the same way. You can take a risk and bet a large amount on a specific number, or one of the sectors - black, red, even and odd.
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