All-Ukrainian independent trade union 'Zakhyst Pratsi' calls for solidarity!!!!

26 июля 2014, 23:45
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All-Ukrainian independent trade union  Zakhyst Pratsi  calls for solidarity!!!!
Workers leader Olexander Chaykovsky

All-Ukrainian independent trade union 'Zakhyst Pratsi' calls for solidarity with the arrested leader of Vinnytsia regional trade union 'Workpeople' at 'Nasha Ryaba' poultry factory!

All-Ukrainian independent trade union 'Zakhyst Pratsi' calls for solidarity with the arrested leader of Vinnytsia regional trade union 'Workpeople' at 'Nasha Ryaba' poultry factory!

" By sending to a jail Trade Union activists prosecutors and police of Ladyzhyn protect a fortune of oligarch Yuri Kosyuk " - Igor Popenko. 

The Vinnitsa Regional Trade Union called "Workpeople" reporting a prosecution of a Trade Union activist- Alexander Chaikovsky- by the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. 

On the 16 th of July, 2014, Alexander Chaikovsky was detained by the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ladyzhun,Vinnytsia Region. It is happened immediately after a police search of his private accommodation was conducted. According to the law enforcement agencies, Alexander Chaikovsky is a drug dealer, selling drugs of plant origin (cannabis). The judicial investigation on Alexander case was started due to a report of a police officer. In this report to the Chief of the Ladyzhyn’s police a captain Babiy esteblished that during the operational and preventive measures he has identified a resident of Ladyzhin distributing narcotics - cannabis -at the price of 100 UAH per 10 gramms . According to the preliminary investigation report, the police conducted two test purchases of drugs from Alexander Chaikovsky ( on the 08.07.2104 and on the 16.07.2014) involving a person with changed personal data (Melnik N.S.). The investigation does not possess any other evidence which would indicate an Alexander’s involvement in the sale of drugs. Alexander Chaikovsky claims that he is innocent and that the case against him is completely fabricated. In the Courtroom he said that the fingerprints on the money were made with the use of force, when his hands were handcuffed.
Igor Popenko, a Chairman of the "Workpeople" Trade Union, commented: " By sending to a jail Trade Union activists prosecutors and police of Ladyzhyn protect a fortune of oligarch Yuri Kosyuk. The mentioned Trade Union owns the data according to which the "Vinnitsa poultry farm" does not pay to the employees at least 2 million salary each month. The working conditions on the farm just awful. Accidents are happening systematically. The prosecution of Alexander Chaikovsky initiated by a former police officer -Oleg Hawrylak, who is currently holding a position of the Head Protection of 'Vinnytsia poultry farm." In fact, the police officers falsifying pre-trial investigation materials accusing Alexander Chaikovsky of crime he had never committed. In this way,the prosecutors and the police of Ladyzhyn ‘helping’to Administration of the "Vinnitsa poultry farm" to get rid of Trade Union activists. "


On the 7th of March 2014, Alexander Chaikovsky initiated the establishment of Trade Union organization at «Vinnitsa Poultry farm". The Administration of the farm immediately began putting pressure on Alexander demanding to stop campaigning employees to join unions. The Head of the Company -Oleg Hawrylak- (a former police officer) threatened Alexander Chaikovsky with physical harm for agitating employees to join the Trade Union. 
On the 10th of April 2014, the Administration of "Vinnitsa Poultry farm" dismissed Alexander Chaikovsky from work. The lawyers of the Vinnitsa Regional Trade Union "Workpeople" launched a complain to the Ladyzhyn City Court against the "Vinnitsa Poultry farm" demanding reinstate Alexander Chaikovsky at work. The case is not considered by the Court in spite of the statutory period of one month. The police office of Laduzhun continues ignoring every Alexander’s application regarding crimes committed against his property and regarding injuries that he received from the Head of the "Vinnitsa Poultry farm" -Oleg Hawrylak (former police officer). During the period of time from April 2014 to Alexander Chaikovsky reported to the Laduzhun police office the following crimes against him: the penetration to his private accommodation; beatings and his phone damage caused by of the Head of the "Vinnitsa Poultry farm" Oleg Havrilyak; injuries caused by unidentified people wearing masks. However, the police has not initiated a preliminary investigation. The police refused sending Alexander Chaikovsky for forensic examination in order to establish the severity of the injuries the attackers caused to him. The prosecutors of Ladyzhyn are not responding on Trade Union activist’s reports on illegal actions of the police.
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