London firm to donate solar cell phones for people with no electricity

17 серпня 2022, 18:28
Власник сторінки
London firm to donate solar cell phones for people with no electricity

Tech giant DADEX. announced today at a press conference in Kiev that they will donate 20.000 solar powered cell phones to the Ukrainian people who are in lack of electricity.

Kresimir Mostarcic, DADEX.'s brand manager, at the press conference at UKRINFORM, governmental news agency, stated:

"Whole world has been watching for months about the suffer of the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is strongly fighting back, but still – whole world is concerned regarding the present and future of Ukraine, but more importantly Ukrainian people", said Mostarcic. Watching the videos and photos from social media and on TV, seeing how people suffer, his coworkers got worried for Ukraine and gathered a financial donation for Ukraine.

Then, their employer DADEX. stepped in and donates to Ukraine needed equipment: special SUV vehicles that will enable to reach the hardly accessible terrains, especially in the upcoming winter period  and solar-powered cell phones that are a product of DADEX., still not presented on the market.

"Around 20.000 pieces of the solar-powered phone will be donated to Ukraine; which are worth around 5 Million Euros! Solar-powered phones can be used for telephone-communication in the areas where there is no electricity, as these phones are powered by the sun. Phones need just a little time to get powered up, and use satellites for communication", said Mostarcic about the DADEX.'s solar cell phones and added that they are being assembled and will be delivered to Ukraine in the early September.

Denis Toth, a DADEX. country manager for Eastern Europe, said that they were visiting the country for the past few days. After informations from the people in hit parts and villages that cold winter is ahead, company DADEX. will also donate 10.000 thermal blankets.

Ambassador of the company in charge for suggesting social responsibile projects is Maria Burmaka, a famous singer. She was also present at the conference where she supported DADEX. and it's help to Ukraine.

"I just recently joined DADEX.'s teams. It's a company of great people who love our nation and feel our needs. I know and I guarantee that DADEX.'s goals are legitimate, and it is to help people in Ukraine", said Burmaka.

DADEX. won't stop with their help to Ukraine. They are preparing PROJECT PHOENIX that will be announced on 24/8/2022 in Zagreb, Croatia. It's a worldwide project aiming to raise 1 billion Euros to Ukraine.

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