Excitement and danger - criteria for playing roulette

05 лютого 2021, 12:59
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Excitement and danger - criteria for playing roulette
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Who can boast that they have never experienced the excitement and thrilling anticipation of winning?

Even the most calm and sensible people are able to lose their heads while gambling, and therefore only in some countries casinos are officially allowed. But the hardened gambler doesn't need someone's permission to get the thrill of trying to break the bank. In safe houses and illegal Star Gambling clubs, players place their bets by playing cards and roulette. And those who are not afraid to walk on the brink are looking for options for games with a risk to their lives, such as Russian roulette.

UK roulette games - life at the tip of a bullet

Russian roulette has become almost a national fun and gained popularity among reckless drivers from different countries. One cartridge is placed in the revolver drum and spins up. Then the muzzle is attached to the temple and the trigger is pressed. The players do not know in which cell the cartridge is and are flirting with fate - there will be a blank shot or a bullet will blow up the head. If the shooter is still alive, the revolver goes to the next daredevil.

One bullet in the drum isn't the only roulette option. Sometimes, for even greater sharpness, two, three, or even five bullets are placed there, leaving only one socket free. In that case, you have to be damn lucky to avoid death.

This theme is used in cinematography to create a tense atmosphere, and the creators of computer gaming products came up with the idea of ​​making Russian roulette games. The authoritative company "Buka", which is famous for its creative original ideas, in 1996 released the first part of the action-quest, and in 1999 the sequel to "Russian Roulette". But there is also a series of flash toys where the heroes take turns shooting, trying to remain calm.
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