Gambling in the UAE: what are the risks?

23 декабря 2020, 15:58
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Gambling in the UAE: what are the risks?
Source: There are many UAE friendly online casinos operating on the web.

Article 414 of the UAE Criminal Code provides for punishment for gambling in the form of imprisonment for up to two years!

However, there are not so many cases when people were actually imprisoned for gambling in the UAE. Violators are usually fined and foreign nationals deported.

Much more severe punishment will be given to those who are caught opening or running a place where you can gamble. These perpetrators will be sentenced to 10 years in prison. Tourists and visitors alike have reported having encountered drug addicts offering high odds of winning gambling. This is a trap many can fall into without realizing the punishment and possible imprisonment.

The United Arab Emirates is very serious about banning gambling, which is why they created the "Telecommunications Regulatory Authority". The main task of this body is to control Internet access and immediately ban the display of any content that is not allowed in the UAE.

Prison in the UAE

This includes not only sites that are in one way or another related to gambling, but also pornographic sites, etc., as well as any tools that would allow you to bypass the blocked content. The vast majority of gambling or sports betting websites are inaccessible to UAE citizens.
Рубрика "Блоги читателей" является площадкой свободной журналистики и не модерируется редакцией. Пользователи самостоятельно загружают свои материалы на сайт. Редакция не разделяет позицию блогеров и не отвечает за достоверность изложенных ими фактов.
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