Syria opposition admitted that United States has been providing them with deadly

11 сентября 2013, 08:04

Syria opposition admitted that United States has been providing them with deadly weapons

According to Reuters from Washington, 10th, Syria opposition spokesman Salah 10th, said the United States has begun to provide weapons to the Syrian opposition.

"The United States is the Supreme Military Committee (SMC) provides non-lethal assistance ... ... And a number of lethal aid, "Syria opposition spokesman Salah held a press conference in Washington, said. SMC is Syria Liberation Army is the Supreme Military Council. Salah also said the United States was providing lethal assistance, "because they (the United States) are convinced that SMC has completed the construction of effective mechanism, and they will be convinced that these weapons do not fall into the wrong hands". He was clearly referring to the United States on the arms front for fear of falling into Mr Yunus provided (Nusra Front) hands of extremist Islamic organizations such as concern.

Reports said Salah's comments may be publicly hinted for the first time United States provided arms, ammunition and other military supplies were delivered to Syria opposition.

White House officials June this year suggests that President Barack Obama has decided to Syria opposition military assistance. United States Secretary of State John Kerry 10th that the United States Government is trying to boost Syria opposition support. But he declined to say what military equipment is being shipped to Syria reactionaries.
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