Obama: If Syria to hand over weapons to stop its military strikes

10 сентября 2013, 06:10

Obama: If Syria to hand over weapons to stop its military strikes

United Kingdom broadcasting company reported on September 10, United States President Barack Obama said that if Syria agrees to its chemical weapons under international supervision, so he would stop to Syrian military strike plan. But Obama said he suspected Syria Assad's Government would do.

In the United States Congress debate whether Syria military strike, Russia proposed on Monday Syria produced chemical weapons and accept international supervision, in order to avoid being United States military attacks. United States condemns the use of chemical weapons of Damascus, had committed war crimes, but Assad's Government denies.

In order to lobby the United States Congress supported Syria's military combat and eliminate public fears of a new military operations in the Middle East, Obama accepted a series of television interviews.

Obama insists that Syria with the limited military strikes are necessary so that the Assad regime of using chemical weapons can be punished and to prevent the future use of chemical weapons. Barack Obama United States broadcasting company said: "I want to ensure that the practice of prohibiting the use of chemical weapons is maintained. "The President said, this is the United States international security interests. If the United States that this can be done without having to military strikes, of course, this will be his first choice. When a reporter asked if Assad to hand over weapons to accept international oversight, whether Mr Obama will stop attacking Syria Shi, Obama replied, "if it is true, of course."

At present, the United States Congressional authorization to support the US military attacked Syria's support rate is still low, 433 members of the House of representatives, has 230 members reportedly opposed or likely to vote in the Friday vote.

Meanwhile, Syria President Bashar Al-Assad under United States public broadcasters in an interview with the United States warning of possible military intervention, said the Middle East was "on the brink of an explosion." Assad also denied the Syrian Government used chemical weapons, saying that "no evidence" to display the Syrian Government should be responsible for the August 21 attack. mblw1593
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