Какие женщины в Украине лучше для любви

13 апреля 2011, 11:50
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Ukrainian girls who live in European Ukraine are better for love

What is European Ukraine? Technically all of Ukraine is in Europe, however, Western Ukraine from Ternopil to Lviv has a different character (regarding live and love) than Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk or Odessa.

Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls

These Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine often have girls that I would call Soviet girls.  Certainly not all the girls, maybe not even most of the girls are Soviet girls, but many have a mentality that religion does not matter and that materialism does.

In Western Ukraine the girls have the attitude that money does not matter as much as spiritual values and love. Why? Soviet influence was resisted by Ukrainians more in the west.  The west had close ties with Europe, while the east had ties with Russia.

Which Ukrainian girls are better brides

Find your love and bride in Ukraine

Find your love and bride in Ukraine

Amazing women are found all through out Ukraine.   Decartes said ‘ever generalization is a distortion of the truth’. I agree. I would marry a girl from any region.

However, me personally, I am partial.  My grandparents came from Ternopil Oblast and I live in Krakow, however, I am an American. I have travelled all though Ukraine many times.  There are amazing ladies everywhere.

However, if I were to look for a bride (I am married so I am not looking) I would look in Western Ukraine if spiritual values and true love matters.  If material values matter more to you than real love than I would look in Eastern Ukraine and in particular Kiev, but watch out for the clever girl who sees you as a meal ticket.

Dertermine what European Ukrainian girls love

Dertermine what European Ukrainian girls love

How to test a girl from Ukraine

Be smart, ask question early about values and observe behavior.  Ask indirect questions or make indirect comments about how they feel about life and money, love and values.

I married a girl who wanted to stay in Poland, rather than wanted to moved to the USA.  I saw her family were devout humble people as she was.

I saw in the early dating phase my girl was going to church, even without me.  She told me straight out that she would rather be poor and with her destiny than marry a little for money and a little for love, like many  European girls or women in the world today.

Think of  ‘Slum dog” the film, you want a girl who can be with you in rich and poor times, if you are healthy or sick, not a fair weather fan (if you marry for money its the hardest way to earn it).

Ask them these questions if you are serious about love. Better yet observe how they respond to different hypothetical questions. Do not let the sickness of the western Europe and America toward love and marriage infect your soul.  Love and marriage transcend everything make sure your love feels the same.

Bride tours

Get a flight on your own and book an apartment or just the flight and a Babcia (a Ukrainian old lady) will find you at the train station and airport and invite you to their home to stay for 5 dollars a night a  real home cooked meal. You will meet better girls for love than on these very commercial marriage tours to Ukraine. I would not take a bride tour, as its pricey and commercial.

How to meet Ukrainian girls for love

How to meet Ukrainian girls for love

How to meet girls from Western Ukraine

Explore my site.  It is for free. I give you very good websites that are about how to meet Ukraine girls online, concrete websites.   I give you many websites I recommend for free Ukrainian dating for love, that Western European and American guys do not know about.

I personally know many girls from Western Ukraine but often the best ones are the hardest to get and find.  Consider a trip to Ukraine and you will meet girls in Lviv and Ternopil other guys will not ever meet as they are too lazy to travel.  You could learn Ukrainian a little.

You can take a flight to Lviv or Krakow.  If you fly to Krakow there is a bus and a train that leave to Lviv.  The bus to Ukraine leaves every night at the train station, but I think its easier to fly directly to Ukraine.  I have even walked over the Ukrainian boarder and hitch hiked.  Usually the low cost methods you will meet better girls, often student girls.

If you have any questions about Ukrainian girls for love and love Ukraine or Europe please write.  However, use proper grammar and punctuation, not in chat style.


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