Abney Associates Review - Commodities Are Moving As Gold Resumes Slide

31 августа 2013, 00:36

Abney Associates have issued a statement to their clients safeguarding the path when investing in Gold.

"Gold has resumed its slide and even billionaire George Soros was selling holdings in exchange-traded products that are at a two-year low. Our Thinking is to expect prices to Continue falling the next few weeks, with some Excitement in the US Markets this A Trend That is has very strong Possibilities "commented James Carter Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions here at Abney Associates .

After a climb over the past 12 years that is showing its end after some investors lost faith in gold pushed equities to rally and with growing confidence that the US economy is improving. The slump spurred a surge in demand around the world, with coin purchases rising to a three-year high in April. This month's sales will be 65 percent lower and global holdings have increased on just one day in the past six weeks.

Abney Associates Analyst Stated, "The Momentum has run out and the Safe Haven has Lost ITS Appeal. We are in a declining phase here. Being in the right position is critical to have very good results in relation to the gold markets now. When the fundamentals are the unchanged but the price lower, it tells me that gold is on sale. Used correctly this is good information to possess. "

Coupled with expected lower commodities such as corn, soybeans and sugar over the next quarter the effect has been a general slide in these markets following along with gold's problems, but has been recently offset by significant gains for many of the major players in the NYSE.

Abney Associates 'Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions James Carter said, "We are seeing Reports That mirror Our Predictions Market Analysts with many saying the US That Will be Offering the Best returns over the next Year. There is a view that growth has started again in the US but inflation is not picking up. That is bad news for gold. Prices will remain under pressure until there is something that gives people the indication there is inflation in the system. We see solid reasons to join these trends now. "Then he went on," It is proving to be an exciting period for many as movements in markets around the world that now interconnect in unexpected ways are creating new ways to place investors onto solid footing for advancement in today's marketplace. "

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