Split Map in a Live Blackjack by Star Gambling

10 лютого 2021, 22:53
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Split Map in a Live Blackjack by Star Gambling
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Having two cards of the same rank (two threes, two tens, etc.), they can be split. In this case, instead of one initial combination, you have two, consisting of a single initial card.

Each of the new combinations must be bet the same as the original, so you need to deliver $ 100. By dividing the cards, you start an additional set for one combination, and after its completion, proceed to another.

You automatically receive the second card for any new combination, after which, in accordance with the general rules, you can double your bet. Each new combination can be divided again, but the total number of splits (or "splits" - from the English split - to split, split, split) cannot be more than three. In other words, the maximum number of combinations on which the game is played is four.

An ace and a ten that make up a new combination (after splitting two aces or two tens) do not count as blackjack and give just 21 points. A special rule applies after splitting aces: the second card you receive to the split ace completes your combination. A set of new cards is impossible, doubling the bet is unacceptable, but if the second card is again an ace, you can use the division again.

Source: https://stargambling.net/games/blackjack/
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