Religious war.

6 октября 2016, 10:20

Church and its influence to the state policy.

Throughout the history every society religion occupied quite important place. Many events in history, are related to religious beliefs and faith of people too. We can select three main religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism. All have the religious freedom right. In Ukraine, most believers consider themselves Orthodox Christians. That is the cult religion of our state - Christianity.

Orthodoxy in Ukraine is divided mainly in Kyiv and the Moscow Patriarchate. In fact, not all believers who profess the Orthodox Christianity in our country know and understand the difference between the patriarchates. Kyiv Patriarchate - is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is his Ukrainian people and protects the interests of the Ukrainian people. The Moscow Patriarchate - is the same Orthodox Church, which is not different from Kiev Patriarchate in faith, worship, canons, etc. It differs only in that it is subject to the Primate of Moscow. Therefore Moscow Patriarch Kirill visits Ukraine. Why is this accomplished? To emphasize that this is his church, The Church of Moscow! Very often, the faithful of the Moscow Patriarchate can be heard: "We thought that belong to the Ukrainian Church, but it appears that belong to the Russian Church." That is the difference. Some in the church gets peace of mind, some people make this business and use for personal purposes. Interestingly, these "personal" goals are public. Experience has shown who and how uses the power of faith to influence people's minds.

Since the beginning of the Revolution of Advantage has become evident the ratio of Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP on) to the Ukrainian people. And in accordance to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church but now Kiev Patriarchate  (the UOC-KP). It was the beginning of the events in the Maydani hosted sensual difference between the patriarchates. Churches of KP willingly gave refuge to citizens. In turn, MP temples were open opponents of such actions, displaying in churches the guard. Of course, we should not all members of the UOC-MP put on a par, as some of them also pray and pray for peace in our country. Even then, with the beginning of military operations in eastern Ukraine, many priests accepted and moved from Moscow to Kiev Patriarchate.

In ATO situation is that there come representatives of both patriarchates. Ukrainian soldiers also visit the temples of two confessions, because there are people who attended church UOC MP and as the war continues to do so. Similarly is with Kiev Patriarchate. The matter is another. The Kremlin uses the Moscow Patriarchate for radical change in the views of the people. It is practiced in Russia. Putin's imperial ambitions do not stop it before that use religion to achieve their goals (in this case, geopolitical) is simply unacceptable. Well, to adequately thinking categories of the population, which still have some human and social values.

More than once had been situation when the priests of UOC MP took up arms, acted as a spotter of the fire and shot at our soldiers. Also getting their representatives on our military checkpoints with the conditions and ultimatums from separatists. By the way, the capture of some settlements, the so-called NPT and FSC, cases of bloody rozpravlyan practiced with spiritual representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate. When those same territories themselves, priests MP left untouched. It also demonstrates the suggestion, so-called "militias" Majesty of the Moscow Patriarchate and the forced recognition KP even those who before the anti-terrorist operation recognized and visited this denomination. Residents namely the eastern regions of Ukraine. This is a result of the occupation of Moscow, which, from the same Moscow superiors support MPs. In turn duhoventsiv UOC-KP is becoming more and more are beginning to recognize the world as a separate religious structure.

Moscow Patriarchate professed policy of Putin. Only in the spiritual dimension. For the second week in a direction moving Kyiv Orthodox march, organized by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate, called the Cross procession. And in the heat, drain and faithful overcome daily walk tens of kilometers. They're coming in two columns: one started in western Ukraine Pochayiv Lavra, the other - in Svyatogorsk Monastery in eastern. July 27, they plan to meet in Kyiv and go to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. There should be held the next day festive liturgy in honor of the baptism of Kievan Rus.

Explaining the purpose of such an action, Metropolitan Onuphrius, UOC MP, said that the church perceives painfully armed conflict that continues in eastern Ukraine. "The most that can make our church - a call for peace. That this is the goal of nationwide religious procession." However, such a march organized by the UOC MP, seems to polarize more than reconciles. In Kharkov, for example, the participants were seen George ribbon. Most opponents moves convinced that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate promoted and supported the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. "I go to this church no longer walk, they lost my family. They give money to Moscow, and that killed our citizens." These words explain its position much Ukrainian, who last visited the UOC MP.

Experts believe that this sacred procession is indirectly related to religion but rather to policy and strengthening of Russian influence in Ukraine. Religious procession is not only aimed directly impact on the Ukrainian population, but also provocative. And when will some action against participants march, or against the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine as a whole, it certainly will be used by the Russian authorities. But whatever the response to this action, Russia in any case benefit from it.

The largest concern as the participants walk, and in the end its religious opponents march in Kiev, when two columns and united people will be tens of thousands. Voluntary movement OUN already written appeal to Kiev, where he called not let go to Kyiv. They will be organized in two tents at the entrance points to the city, where to go with the column moving to the east and west of the country. "Abatement - very peaceful. But in case of provocation or nevidmovy collaborators from their dastardly plans to go to Kyiv, we reserve the right to act creatively," - said in a statement.

Another proof, another fact of belonging hands of Russia and its insidious effect on operations and parishioners of the UOC MP. Some eventually began to understand it, some do not. However, you need to help one another and open their eyes to the obvious. Patriotic citizens visiting temples MP, then begin rebuke doubts about their views and ideas. This is normal, because we all sooner or later exposed, being in society with other values. Later we can change their priorities and values. Every day UOC-KP visits more Ukrainian. Many denominations moved to Kiev recently.

Politics and religion in any case should not overlap each other and somehow touching. Especially in these difficult times for our country. Unfortunately, for some it is a necessary component of their plans. You just need to look at things objectively. Light and fresh head rozsudok unlikely to make anyone astray. It is necessary to be careful and deliberate decisions. Never succumb to manipulation of people putting themselves above others. And the more yielding them help plan realized, the consequences of which nobody can predict.

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